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An Open Letter to Meghan Markle as She Waits for Her Baby

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Meghan! Hey girl hey!

I know the entire world is waiting for you to have this baby. As a mom myself, here’s my quick thoughts on how to best utilize your time:

1. Sleep. Then when you wake up, go back to sleep. BECAUSE YOU CAN. Pretty soon you won’t be able to, and you’ll regret not taking that third nap.

2. Buy yourself new shower products for that glorious first post-baby shower. It’s the BEST. You’ll see.

3. Create a birth playlist. Ha ha ha. Just kidding, don’t bother. Take another nap instead.

4. Get that pedicure. You’ll be looking at your feet a lot during delivery. And for me, it helped me to feel prepared for my labors, like I had my game face on. There’s a lot you can’t control when waiting for a baby, but you can control the color of your toenail polish. Whatever your thing is—pedicure, blowout, waxing—get that done while you’re waiting.

5. Read a whole book. The whole thing! I’m giddy just thinking about that luxury.

6. Go on dates with Harry. It’s a bummer that you’re cooped up at home and can’t go out. Make the best of it and order take out, and have fun hanging out together for the last time as a party of two.

7. Sit around and enjoy the silence. Your time is your own for just a little bit longer. Relish it.

8. Watch ALL the movies. All of them. Can you sneak out to a theatre? Because there’s nothing like sitting your ten-month pregnant self down in a freezing cold movie theatre, eating a tub of popcorn, and tuning out the entire world.

9. Have Harry rub your swollen feet. Even if they’re not swollen, pretend that they are and still have him do this.


Mnn’kay, Meghan. Now let’s talk delivery. Brace yourself.

1. So many fluids. Like, soooo many. You’ll be like omg, more fluid?! It’s ok, sister. There’s a team of people who will handle this.

2. You know how you wondered if labor pains were like cramps? HA HA AH. I’m laughing, you’re laughing, we’re all laughing.

3. You may not want to look in that mirror to see what’s going on down there. You can’t unsee it. Just saying.

4. Whether you have a medicated birth, an unmedicated birth, a vaginal birth, or a c-section, the grand prize is a BEAUTIFUL NEW BABY! Your birth, your plans. But remember, eyes on the prize.

5. Try to be nice to the doctors, nurses, midwives, and doulas. They’re all on team HEALTHY BABY AND MAMA.


When your sweet baby does finally arrive, enjoy that moment.

Look at her for the very first time. Listen to her first cries. Notice how Harry is looking at you, with love and admiration. Take a deep breath and feel the weight of her on your chest.

Soak it all in, because you’ll want to remember these details forever.

Congratulations, Meghan. You did it. Your baby is here, and you’re a mama now.

So let me be the first to tell you: welcome to motherhood, and to the wonderful sisterhood of mothers. We are strong, we are supportive, and we are brave. And we welcome you into our club with open arms.

All the best,

Chrissy Fox Roussel, mom of six


And PS—I’ll be back with post partum info, so look forward to that. (Spoiler alert—more fluids!) But for now, enjoy this time while you wait.


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