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An Ode to Exclusively Pumping

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The last time this pump touched my breasts... and it was only fitting to have a celebratory adios! ⁣


I’ve done some pretty hard things in my life but exclusively pumping is up there in the ranks.⁣

That tinge of pain I felt when I realized Sage (my second child) would never nurse is one that returns to me, but then is met with the gratitude and strength of this year of pumping.⁣

Pumping had been time, money, energy, body contact, multi-tasking, packing extra bags, scheduling, leaving events... it has been trying to snuggle in the midst of cords and flashing the drive-thru guy at Dunkin Donuts. ⁣

It has been one hell of a ride. My “goal” was to make it through Sage’s surgeries and then recently I just knew I was done. ⁣

Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. ⁣

Pump, accessories, bras... you’ve been good to me. You’ve formed a team to make my journey possible. You’ve helped me feed my babe. But now, it’s time we step away and see other people ✌🏼⁣ Honestly, you've really sucked as a breast friend.


There’s no right amount of time to breastfeed- nursing or pumping- but “right” is doing what makes sense for you, your family and your sanity 💕⁣

📸: @racheljoybarehl

Chelsea is a postpartum coach committed to helping women survive and thrive through postpartum without the pressure to be Pinterest Perfect. She is a mother of 2 and owner of Postpartum Together. She spends her "free" time on IG

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