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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

Don’t Let Anyone Make You Feel like a Failure❤️

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They’ve always been around but lately I’ve been seeing more and more...

Parents offering online seminars claiming they themselves “reversed” or “cured” their child of Autism and if you “sign up” for their program they’ll give you “a step by step guide” and teach you all of their secrets! (After you pay to join)


“At 2yrs old my child was diagnosed with Autism and non-verbal. We worked so hard, didn’t give up and now, my child is 6, verbal and thriving in a typical classroom!!”

“Click below to find out how now!!!”

I cringe when I see these....

When a parent claims that “their” hard work and know how seemingly “cured” their child of Autism.

How does that make a parent feel when their child doesn’t improve?

Do they start blaming themselves because this mother was able to help her child with all that determination and hard work?!

Am I just a crappy parent that clearly didn’t put in as much time, energy and love as this miracle making mother?!

Here’s something to think about...

Could it be possible that their child would have improved regardless of all of this magical work?

Don’t get me wrong,

I’m not saying therapies don’t work.

They CAN and DO help!

Diets modified to eating clean and healthy will make literally anyone feel better, not just an autistic child. Cutting out gluten and dairy will obviously make people who have an actual intolerance to it feel a lot better...

When we feel good, our mood will improve, we’ll have less trouble staying on task and keeping ourselves focused, we’ll sleep better, we’ll be more productive!

But let’s me real, there is no “CURE” for Autism.

No diet will take autism away, but it could make you feel better and in turn, behaviors will improve as a result.

I’m not saying parents shouldn’t be sharing ideas and info on what helped their children.

All parents, but especially Autism parents, tend to rely on each other more so then most groups for information usually because once our child / children receive the diagnosis, we’re sent out on our own to figure out what to do next...there’s not many places to we turn to each other.

Let’s be real and just be thankful for whatever big or small progress we see....

Let’s think twice before publicly patting ourselves on the back, claiming to have “cured” or “recovered” our child of autism.

There is no cure...there can be improvements but that individual will always be Autistic.

I Just wanted to share my story as I would hate for any parent to think that it was their fault if their child didn’t make incredible progress:

I had the same experience, only I have two sons, now 19 and 20.

Both diagnosed at 2 and 3, both non verbal and on the “severe end” of the spectrum. (My 20 year old was more severe)

By age 5 - 6 my now 20 year old stared speaking with a few words...his repetitive behaviors stopped, he started wanting a coat on as he could now feel temps.

By 1st and 2nd grade he was in a regular Ed class. He is now a college grad, works, drives, is buying his first one would ever know he was on the spectrum.

His brother is still considered on the severe end and will live with me forever.

As for how this happened?

I can’t explain it as I did absolutely nothing!

But I have done everything for my “severe” son imaginable , diets, therapies, b12 shots, expensive “autism” doctors and even thousands on hyperbaric chambers.
He is still “severely” autistic.

If you believe you “cured” your child and offer that information through an expensive online program please remember...

you’re hurting what you lovingly refer to as your Community...and making other parents feel like failures.

We’re all in this together❤️

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