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Along Came Sixth Grade

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What boy lost his tenderness to the demands of the homework blues?

What boy’s spark was dimmed after realizing that this year was the year of the ‘F’?

What boy was set up to fail from the state regulated tests that offer two right answers, except for one being better than the other?

What boy came home confused that he had to give up a dream to please the letter on his report card?

What boy suddenly dreaded school-morning, noon, and night?

What boy sat at the dinner table without his smile that once lit the room?

What boy would give his left arm for just a chance at more time with his family?

What boy resorted to begging through weak eyes for just five more minutes with his little brother?

What boy decided that he no longer cared if his hair was fixed at all?

What boy presented his mama with skin ailments that are stress induced?

What mama’s heart broke when her son seemed but a shell of a boy?

What mama said to him that he is not stupid and he needed not call himself that?

What mama spoke with earnest longing to help her child in any way she knew how?

What mama stayed up late praying for her child?

What mama made phone calls to friends seeking some type of understanding?

What mama holds back tears when she sees her once sprite kid wake with gloom?

What mama emails teachers to advocate for a more out of the box-not a one size fits all-approach to learning?

What mama considered alternative means to schooling?

What mama saw her once meticulous boy pour beef broth over his Apple Jacks?

What mama offered grace when he got upset.

What mama gave an extra tight hug and sent extra prayers this morning for him?

What mama doesn’t care how others parent, because she knows this is her journey with her children?

What boy?

What mama?

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