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Alcoholism is the biggest of villains

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I’ve now been married for 5 years and I’m blessed with a girl child for almost a year now. She’s healthy with her mom doing fine too. The problem is with her dad. Yes I’m the problem.

I have a drinking habit and it’s increasing every passing day. My wife loves everything about me except my drinking problem. I admit the fact that this isn’t a habit anymore but an addiction and no matter how many promises I make to myself for doing something about this issue, I find some or the other reason to get myself to drink.

I stopped going out with my friends, my wife told me to leave just for our daughter, my parents tried their best to convince me to quit this habit and after all these efforts, 2 days is the most that I’ve managed to keep myself away from alcohol.

I’ve referred to medical sites like earthslab, American addiction centers and many more like these. I’ve been to de-addiction centers but I’m still here full of regrets and pain that’s eating me inside. If just for once I get a chance to beat this addiction, I’m never letting it come back.

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