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Addiction and Pregnancy: All You Need To Know

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Substance abuse among pregnant women is at an all-time high in Arizona. That is because mothers become drug addicts long before they are ready to become pregnant. In the United States alone, about 4% of pregnant women between the age of 18 to 44 use illicit drugs (SAMHSA 2007). The effects of drugs are harmful enough for an expectant mother, and as for the developing fetus, it can be disastrous. Drug addiction among pregnant women is a global crisis and has destroyed the future of many innocent unborn children.

Effects of drug addiction to the fetus

Long term use of illicit drugs during pregnancy threatens the life of the unborn child. Some of the common cases that are reported from hospitals include; stillbirth, where the infant is born without any signs of life then gets to live for only 20 to 28 weeks. Drug addict mothers also tend to give birth to underweight babies. This can be as a result of delivering a premature baby before the recommended 37-42 weeks of giving birth to a child that is not fully developed.

Substance abuse among pregnant mothers is the number one contributor to low infant mortality. Most of these babies are born with mental and physical disorders that reduce their chances of surviving. If a newly born gets to survive his or her early childhood, then they are most likely to develop health problems as they grow. Symptoms like seizures and respiratory problems have been diagnosed among children born from drug addict mothers later in life. Some of them develop strange behavioral issues as a result of drugs damaging their brains before they were born.

Dealing with drug addiction among pregnant women

For the safety of the mother and the unborn child, proper prenatal care is vital for drug addict mother. Reports have it that drug addict mothers who have received the right treatment and prenatal care have successful deliveries of and healthy babies. It is, however, essential to know that for the best results, the expectant mother will need a comprehensive drug treatment Arizona services that can only be provided by experts in rehab centers. The good news is, there are several good drug addiction treatment centers in Arizona for pregnant mothers that you can access when the services are needed.

A prolonged stay at the rehab is suitable for a drug addict mother. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek one immediately so that at the end of 9 or 8 months, the expectant mother is clear from any traces of drug substances in the body. A pregnant mother who wants to have a successful birth may be willing to stop abusing drugs but unable to due to various factors like easy access to the drug, exposure to triggers and other environmental influence. Moving into a drug-free environment with a friend or relative can be the first step of protecting the fetus.


There are so many kinds of drugs that are abused by pregnant mothers and all possess different degrees of threat to the unborn baby. In Arizona alone, cases of infant deaths due to pregnant drug addicts is shocking yet preventable. There is no good reason for any parent to endanger the life of their loved ones in the name of drugs. If it is a must, the baby’s future should be secured by ensuring that the expectant mother is taken through the right treatment program in Arizona until their addiction no longer affects the life of the child directly.

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