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A Wish For My Baby Boy: May His Heart Always Spread and Receive Love

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May his hair always blow in the wind and his wavy wisps always point him in the right direction.

May his head always be a sponge for new knowledge, perspective, and ideas piqued by his own interests and curiosity.

May his eyes always lock with others who love the soul behind his piercing hazel hue, and may they always see the beauty in what surrounds him.

May his ears always receive messages of peace and endearment, and may they always remain open to listen to the words, woes, ways, and will of others.

May his nose always be an open gate for fresh energy, experiences and air, wrapped in the ever-evolving fragrances of life he breathes in.

May his lips always speak his truth, letting his words resonate and communicate the emotions and feelings floating within him.

May his chest always rise and fall to the beat of his greatest desires, dreams, hopes and wonders.

May his arms always stretch high to reach new altitudes and break through his plateaus of fear, doubt, and judgment.

May his hands always reach to help others and receive the touch of compassion and understanding in return.

May his belly always be full of comfort from meals shared with family and friends, and sweetened with cultural nuggets from all over the world.

May his legs always move him towards new possibilities and new opportunities, and may they steer him away from dead ends and missed chances.

May his feet always carry the weight of his ever growing and changing body, mind, and soul - filling him with support and guidance from the grounding Earth beneath him.

And may his heart always spread and receive the greatest gift of

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