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Challenge: Moms Helping Moms

A true hidden gem: Internet mom friends

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You know one of the best things about parenting right now in this chaotic world?

Moms groups on the internet.

You’ve probably never met these women. You more than likely never will. But guess where you turn at 2am when the baby won’t sleep or one of your children has a funky rash?

That’s right. Your Facebook mom group friends.

(If you’re laughing about the rash thing, don’t. You may think you’ll never post about it, but just wait. Your time is coming. If you don’t post about it, you’ll at least keyword search “rash”.)

Do you need someone to help ease and guide you into a new stage of parenting? Potty training, bottles, table food, BLW, homeschooling, preschool, high school graduates, insurance, home buying – you name it, these online moms group ladies have an answer for you.

Need recommendations for date night? They’ve got you covered. Want new curtains? They’ll point you to the best bargain in town. Losing your mind and need people to commiserate with you – cue the instant internet friendships.

Just moved to a new town and don’t know a single soul? Finding your place might just be a click away, if you allow it.

Scared to take a leap of faith or what your future may hold? Worried you're warping your children? If you ever so much as halfway doubt yourself in a moms group online, women come out in DROVES.

Women that don’t know you from Adam will show up for you. They will help build you up as both mama and woman. They will change your mind if it’s warranted, too. They can provide such an honest and strange sense of support that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Of course, you get the ill meaning ones here and there just like in all other facets of life, but the vast majority of women I’ve come to know via keyboard are true, kind, and well-wishing.

The world is weird.

And let’s be honest, online moms groups are weird.

But don’t scoff.

I used to. Then I found some of the most honest and supportive women I’ve never actually met in real life.

But, maybe someday I will.

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