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A Sweet 2021....

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I do not know what your 2020 brought you.

I know it has been a challenging year for all of us.

Maybe it brought you grief.

Maybe it brought you absolute joy in some regard.

Maybe it brought you heartache.

Maybe it brought you the love of your life.

2021 will have plenty of maybe too.

If 2020 taught us anything, it is that we can plan for nothing.

This year and March, in particular, taught us that all our "plans" are just that, plans.

2020 reminded us that nothing in life is guaranteed.

I have no idea what you or I will do in 2021.

Maybe you will finally organize the garage.

Maybe you will win the lottery.

You honestly do not know.

None of us do.

That is the beauty of a new year.

Anything can happen.

So above all, what is most important?

I believe what is most important is this:

Love ON your people.

Do not just love your people.

That is easy.

We all love our people.

Loving ON your people requires action.

It means instead of texting, you call.

It means more grace.

It means more time forgiving and less time judging.

It means showing up.

As you look back on this year,

2020 may have hurt you, but it didn't break you. You are still here.

No matter what your 2020 was,

2021 is.

It is a new year.

It is a new start.

It is a new journey.

You are given a gift at the start of each new year.

It may not always be great, but it is your story, and your story matters.

I learned in 2020 that a good belly laugh saves you on the darkest of days.

Make sure you have more belly laughs in 2021.

So remember:

Love ON your people and more belly laughs.

That is the recipe for a sweet 2021 filled with maybe.

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