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A Self Help Guide No “Stay at Home Mom” Should Ignore

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Photo by Vincent Delegge on Unsplash

Are you a stay at home or work at home mom? Juggling the demands of all your responsibilities can weigh heavily on you. More often than not, as women, we tend to put ourselves last and focus on taking care of everyone and everything around us. However, that is a recipe for disaster and a sure fire way to burn out quickly!

Therefore, I want to tell you that if you're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed as a stay at home or work at home mom, you're not alone; which is why I want to share with you my self-help guide!

Personal Growth

Personal growth is significant being a stay at home mom; it doesn't mean you stop learning. It's hard when you leave your career to be a stay at home mom, and devote so much of your time to your family; you begin to stop growing as a woman. Your personal growth is essential.

You are beautiful, and an amazing individual even though your role right now is to nurture and care for your family. There are so many options you can do to continue to grow; as a woman, you can do so many things with God's love, and guidance that gives us strengthen every day. ; we have to learn to take things one step at a time to keep moving forward and grow as not only a mom, but a wife, and a woman.

It's My Mommy Time To Shine

Yes, my self-care time. I have to tell you; I am not a morning person. For me to have mommy time, I would wake up 2 hours before my daughter would wake-up not every day, but I would make sure that I made time to schedule some me time. The benefits of waking up earlier are that I can work-out for 30 mins, polish my toes, and nails, take a shower in peace, quiet time for me to talk to God. At times I would take a hot bath with some lavender essential oils and relax before the busy day starts. Self-care gives you more energy for your husband and kids. It's a step in the positive direction for your self-care in terms of mental health and physical strength.

Stay Organized

My Saturday afternoon consists of planning the family's pre-planned meals ahead of time; which has saved me so much time during the week. More importantly, pre-planned meals not only saves time, money, and not to mention; my family is eating healthier choices. Instead of having my husband pick us up some fast food, we have a home cooked meal that all I have to do is heat it, and we're ready to eat. Plus there are tons of great Pinterest recipes that can help make putting together a delicious meal in a cinch.

Learning to Delegate

I speak to a lot of woman in my life coaching sessions that struggle with delegating. You cook, clean the house, pay the bills, wipe tears, read bedtime stories, and a personal taxi cab driver. You feel obligated because you no longer are bringing in an income in your mind you think that I need to do everything perfectly. Wrong, this is a quick way to burn yourself out and be resentful for being a stay at home mom. By delegating age-appropriate household chores for the kids. Starting a chore board and receiving rewards when their tasks are complete helps you get things done, and motivates the kids.

Communicate with Your Loved One

There are days that I couldn't wait for my husband to come home from work, but I am mindful of not bombarding him with all the details of my day before he has a chance to unwind. It's important to share with husband, partner, support person about your day and vice versa. It's a great way to make the transition from mom mode to wife, and friend mode.

It's Time for Fun

I am an extrovert, so I love being able to talk and meet new people, and it's an excellent way for your kids to make friends. My daughter is an introvert; she was content playing by herself. The playgroups gave her the opportunity to interact with other kids and play different activities. It also built her confidence. Try and find a playgroup near you. Also, it helps with social skills. Social skills are essential, and your kids will learn how to interact with other kids at their own pace. For me, I made some good friendships with other parents at a playgroup. I use to enjoy getting together with the other moms for adult conversation, swapping tips, and sharing stories about our kids, and it's fun to get out of the house.

Becoming the Best You

Life is beautiful as a mother. My life is a total and utter blessing. It is always busy, messy, hectic, and often focused on meeting the needs of others. I am a mom, and a wife; I wouldn't trade that for anything. I love it. Above everything, you need to guide your kids spiritually. Pray for them and teach them how to pray. This is a journey where all forms are required both physical, psychological and spiritual.

Mothers will, for the rest of our lives, wear our hearts on our selves. We will bend without breaking. We will scream and cry because we need a break from our babies and then miss them as soon as we are gone. We will realize that all of the worry and sacrifice and time is worth it.

I hope you found my practical self-help guide useful a busy mom! I am excited to hear more about how it has changed your life.

Share in the comments: What is the biggest challenge you face with putting yourself first as a stay at home or work at home mom?

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