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'May each day bring you laughter and joy': A back-to-school prayer

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May this day start the same as your last,
With wonder and excitement and having a blast.
May each day bring you laughter and joy,
For all of your classmates, each girl and each boy.

May you ask big questions and think big thoughts,
And pay attention to what you are taught.
May you develop a love for learning so deep and so true,
That it always sticks with you like new Elmer’s glue.

May you make good friends and your bond be strong,
And that it would be said you make others feel like they belong.
May you never forget that you have much to give,
A kind, brave heart that was born to live.


May you sweat just a little when you do something brave,

To know what it is to feel the heat and still not cave.
May you be bold and uphold your beliefs,
And do it for your classmates when others are givin’ them grief.

May you know what it is too fail and fail greatly,
And get back up as if you were stately.
May you not fear failure but embrace it and learn,
That success is often won only after the burns.

May you take big chances and come up swinging,
Let it be your best that you’re always bringing.
May you never believe others when they tell you you can’t,
Let God's inner voice be the words that you chant.

May you love and love big and love bigger still,
That your heart be as big as your own stubborn will.
Oh, sure there’ll be heartache and bad days and pain,
But maybe you’ll learn to dance in the rain?

And I have no doubt, because I’ve been there before,
The sun always shines after it pours.
So, on the days when it’s gloomy and cloudy,
And long school days have left you all pouty,
Just remember that until the sun makes it way,
On my lap your weary head can always lay.

Because I want to hear it! I want to know!
I want to remind you “all the places you’ll go.”
You’re going to go far. Far past those four walls,
Far past the classroom and far past the halls.

Because your life is much bigger, much bigger than this,
School is just a stepping stone to your future bliss.
So, embrace it and make it all that you can,
And remember I'll always be your biggest fan.

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