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A New Year Prayer for All of Our Children in 2019

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May your wonder be met with experiences that bring you boundless joy and that pique your curiosity even more.

May your eyes be met with the beauty that bursts out from within the kind and compassionate people surrounding you.

May your minds be met with challenges that teach you the merit in perseverance and the will to try again.

May your self-esteem be built up with praise for your conscious efforts and your empathy, your resilience and your ambition.

May your hands be filled with nature on a daily basis… little and big parts of the world that teach you that you’re a part of something much larger than you can even begin to understand.

May your arms be filled with hugs from people that truly care for you and that you learn to communicate your honest feelings with precise words and heartfelt intention from strong role models.

May your days be filled with the power of play.

May your nights be filled with the peace of rest.

May your worlds be filled with lessons worth learning.

May your hearts be filled with the warmth of love.


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