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A Mother's Prayer

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This is an ode to the many stages of motherhood and the prayers that are said along the way...

A Mother's Prayer

If only they’d be healthy

And be strong

And take great steps

And sing sweet songs.

If only they’d be happy

And do well in school

And thrive at the playground

And rule by the pool.

If only they’d be kind

And have friends who are true

And have triumphs that are many

And have troubles that are few.

If only they’d be clever

And their wit be quick

And their mind be curious

And their skin be thick.

If only they’d be proud

And know where they stand

And know who they are

And know where they’ll land.

If only they’d be brave

And strong when their hearts feel weak

And calm when their minds are unsure

And bold when their world seems bleak.

If only they’d be loved

And celebrated for their heart’s design

And cherished for the light inside them

And adored for the way they shine.

If only these prayers would be answered

And beautiful lives they would build

And my love would be forever felt

And my dreams for them fulfilled.

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