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A Moment in Time... It's All We Have

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A moment in time.

In the moment, I wanted to cry. I had just folded the clothes and put them away. I had given the 10, 5, and 2 minute bedtime warning. I was exhausted.

I sat on the floor as I listened to my 3 year old come up with every activity under the sun she could do to put off bed time in the sweetest, endearing little voice.

I sat on the floor as I watched my 1 year old victoriously throw every single piece of nicely folded clothes out of the drawers and smile proudly at his achievement.

In the moment, I didn’t know how I was going to do it. Seems silly, I know, but I didn’t know how I’d ever be able to wind them down and get them in their beds.

So, I continued to sit on the floor and watch them. I put off any proactive move and instead let the over-tiredness claim its hold over all three of us.

I took this picture to show my husband how bedtime was going. Before sending it, I looked at it. And then I looked more closely at it.

A moment in time. All I could do was smile.

It showed the most beautiful moment in time— a picture I could never have imagined God would have painted of my life a few years ago.

It showed me sitting near my little miracle babies. And it showed them enjoying this moment in time.

The moment wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t elaborate – in fact, it was quite messy and surely simple. Yet, it was filled with presence, comfort, play, and love.

My children weren’t concerned with the earlier events of the day. Nor were they considering what was to come in the future.

They were just living in this one moment in time. I looked at them, and then back at the picture in my hand. I didn’t send it to my husband because in that moment I knew it was meant for me. I knew God sent me this picture so I could not only see the whole, beautiful view right in front of me, but I could also see myself right there with them in the same image. God sent me this reminder that I am a part of their view; I am a part of their present moment, their comfort, their play, and their love.

A moment in time.

It was just one moment, and it went by so fast like so many others.

But, I am grateful for this reminder to be mindful of the gift each moment truly is amidst my emotions and the on-goings of our days.

So, in the next moment, I put myself right on top of the pile of clothes and in between my children and, together, we smiled and took a new picture.

I sent that one to my husband, since it better captured how bedtime was really going for us.

And I sent it back to God, so he knew I understood his message.

A moment in time. It’s all we have. Be a part of it. Be inside of it.

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