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​A letter to my son’s birth mom on mother’s day:

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Happy Mother’s day today and every day. It is a true honor to share today’s celebration with you. There is no other woman on Earth I will ever share this connection and bond and title to our son with and with that comes a love and respect that I will never truly be able to convey.

First of all, thank you for carrying and delivering our boy. The fact that you chose to continue your pregnancy and make such a huge sacrifice in order to fulfill another family’s dreams and give your son a beautiful life is the most selfless act I’ve ever witnessed. Watching you deliver this sweet boy and all the complications you endured both during pregnancy, labor and post-pregnancy, will forever remind me of your strength and determination and I will be inspired by your courage and grit for the rest of my life.

Also, thank you for choosing us as your baby’s parents, of course. This honor gives me all the motivation in this world to do a good job and make you confident in us and proud of the son we raise. I was only half the mother that I am now before our world’s connected and my own Mother’s Day wouldn’t be nearly as sweet and blessed without you in my life.

Thank you for continuing to be a part of our baby’s life, memories and milestones too. I would have respected and understood any decision you would have made in regards to the type of relationship you thought was best but watching you lower your guard and fall so madly in love with him has to be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Obviously we both know that he is impossible not to love but I know allowing yourself to do that couldn’t have been easy at first. But it is such a gift to him and such a gift to me as his other mommy who wants him to always feel loved and wanted and cherished. So having you in his life, not to mention his brothers, cousins, aunt and uncle, makes me so grateful for every moment we share and grow as a family together.

I know that we are both new to these roles of birth mom and adoptive mom only 8 months in, and I am so excited to see how our lives play out as this sweet baby boy brings us closer together and we share so many future Mother’s Days together. Please always know that we (and I especially) will always love you unconditionally and always be here for you. I know family or friends may have said that to you in the past and not held true to it, but I can guarantee without any shadow of a doubt that I will defend, love, respect, and honor you all the days of my life and I will raise our son to always feel the same.

You are so loved and appreciated today and every day. Happy Mother’s Day.

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