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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

A Guide To Saving For The Perfect Family Vacation

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You don't need to be made of money to take your family on a vacation for the ages.

The travel industry today is filled with ways to get a great deal and book your travel on your terms. Likewise, there are some savvy ways that you can start stashing aside money well in advance, so that you don't have to allow money to be the reason you and your family don't take that special vacation once school is out.

To learn a little bit more about making this happen, keep reading.

Save Your $5's

A little bit of savvy goes a long way when you're trying to plan a vacation. When you have a lot of time so set money aside for your vacation, it's less stressful and you'll have a chance to save little by little.

So why not start with your five-dollar bills?

These bills are small enough to not necessarily miss, and large enough to add up over time. Grab a coffee can, lock box or other stash place and start to save your 5's whenever you get change. By starting this habit, you will find that your money will add up over time.

Whenever the container gets filled with cash, make a deposit into a vacation checking or savings account.

Use An App To Set Money Aside

There are plenty of apps that let you save money on your terms. The Acorns app, for instance, lets you round up your purchases or other bank transactions, so that you're sending some change to a high-interest account that will let you pay for your vacation.

This app invests in a series of stocks and bonds, so you can consider it a mutual fund of sorts.

You can also use apps that help you set financial goals and track them, to be sure that you are always working toward your savings.

Work With A Financial Advisor

Touching base with financial advisors allows you to watch your money grow without setting goals that hurt your current situation.

You will want to reach out to some licensed financial professionals to be sure that they keep you on track with your goal, whether you're planning a weekend trip to Myrtle Beach or a summer stay in Paris.

A professional can help you lay out these goals up front, so that you're clear on each baby step that will help you get there. Hiring a financial professional can help you take the guesswork out of it.

Look Into Some Ways To Find A Deal

Finally, the most important way to move forward with planning your vacation is to look for the most affordable deals.

There are lots of sites that offer you deals for lodging, flights and whatever else you're looking for. Choose the most ideal time of year for your family's convenience, and to make sure you're not spending an arm and a leg traveling during peak seasons.

Follow these tips and you'll be able to save for any sort of family vacation you see fit.

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