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A Few Simple Tips for Taking Your Kids to the Movies

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This past weekend, I took my daughters, ages 12 and 8, to see Despicable Me 3. I personally love animated kids movies, and the story with Gru and his adopted daughters is absolutely perfect. The kids love them, too. So it works out for all of us.

Over the past several years, we have gone to see the Minions movie (pretty disappointing for me but the kids still enjoyed it) and the 2nd Despicable Me. I don’t believe we saw the first one in theatres, but we certainly have a DVD copy at home.

Bringing my kids to the movies always seems like such a fun idea, and usually it is, but I still leave feeling more frustrated and exhausted than I’d like from a supposed relaxing night out.

So, being the wonderful mother that I am, I decided to be a little selfish this time around and do some research on how I could make the experience more enjoyable for me..

Things went pretty well, to say the least! I wanted to share a few of my tips just in case it helps the sanity of some of you other mothers out there.

1. Pre-purchase the Tickets

It was 11am the day of the movie. I had just gotten done watching one of Sarah Potter’s trading videos (a fun “hobby” of mine).

I was about to go grab lunch, but instead I decided to look into movie times. Fandango had been suggested by a friend as an easy way to pre-purchase tickets and eliminate the hassle of waiting in line with my daughters.

Our new theatre in town is one of those fancy ones with recliners and assigned seats. I went on Fandango, reserved our tickets, and even got to pick which seats we wanted! Highly recommend pre-purchasing tickets as it saved time and was super convenient.

2. Opt for Regular Viewings over 3D

Personally, the 3D movies mess with my head, and I usually walk out with a double-whammy headache. Also, my 12-year old seems to do well with 3D, but my youngest just ends up fidgeting with her glasses and getting overly excited about the 3D images.

It’s much easier to just go with the regular movie. You will never be disappointed.

3. Pack Some Snacks in Your Purse

This one was huge for us. Usually, I’ll pack a couple of things that end up running out before the movie even starts. This time, I brought much more.

Packing snacks, whether they’re healthy options like apples or nuts, or just candy and chips helps to save on expensive concession fees and keeps my daughters occupied.

It also helps to avoid the ridiculousness that is waiting in line at the snack bar. I’m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about – having to say “no” at least a hundred times because your little ones want all the candy and popcorn in the world.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Sneak Out for a Few or Just Leave

Last but not least, this tip is one I’ve actually been using for a few years that has helped immensely.

It’s pretty impossible these days for kids to sit for long periods of time without getting restless. This makes your experience frustrating as well as other movie-goers around you.

Just bite the bullet, get up and take a lap outside the theatre if you have to. If it gets really bad, don’t be afraid to just leave. It will save you a ton of hassle and teach them a valuable lesson for next time.

Enjoy Your Next Movie Experience

Despicable Me 3 was absolutely adorable, and my daughters and I were all able to enjoy the movie together. I hope this helps some of you other mothers out there. The movies should be a fun time had by all, including you!

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