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A Few of My Favorite Things ... Book Edition

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Whether you enjoy turning pages or turning up the volume on Audible, books are a wonderful way to learn, expand your interests, and increase your knowledge. I turn to books to escape and expand my mind. Some of my favorites I keep returning to because they bring me comfort or needed reminders.

In 2023, when my book 11 Tips for Doing WIT is released into the world, I hope that it becomes a favorite yours, but until then I encourage you to curl up with or tune into some of my current favorites. A few of them will even help you get set up for success in the new year.

Favorite Books (in no particular order)


The Alchemist - I've lost count of how many times I've read this book. It's a "go-to" when I need the reminder that everything I'm seeking I already have within me. It also reminds me to enjoy the journey. The journey of building WIT, developing friendships, finding love, hitting goals, etc.. If you feel yourself wondering "what's the point?" or "why is this happening?" or if you feel yourself itching to step outside your comfort zone in 2023, give yourself the gift of The Alchemist before you take that step.

The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post - My friend Veronica recommended this book and it does not disappoint. I was so captivated by it my daily step count increased dramatically. I didn't want to stop listening! Author Allison Pataki takes us on the incredible journey of Post cereal heiress Marjorie Post. It would have been easy for Marjorie to rest on her laurels, but instead she became a successful entrepreneur, a visionary philanthropist, an incredible designer (Mar-A-Lago is her vision), and more. I love learning about women ahead of their time!

Raising An Entrepreneur - Given what I do for a living, it makes sense that this book would resonate with me, but it's also a book that I would encourage any parent to read. Margot Marchol Bisnow sat down with a variety of families and entrepreneurs to learn how to raise resilient, strong, creative, and entrepreneurial minded kids. The reader gets to hear from a variety of entrepreneurs like: film director Jon Chu, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Method Products cofounder Eric Ryan, Kiva cofounder Jessica Jackley, and more. It's also a great read for the teen entrepreneur who wants to be inspired by entrepreneurs who have come before them!

The Little Prince - A timeless classic that I revisit at least once a year. This book beautifully addresses themes of loneliness, friendship, love, and loss. If you are interested in "inner child" work or just someone who occasionally feels bogged down by life, turn to The Little Prince for the reminder that “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential is invisible to the eye." There is a reason this book has sold over 200 million copies!

Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself - 2022 was the year I really dove into the work and writings of Dr. Joe Dispenza. I am fascinated by his research in the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience, and brain chemistry. If you feel stuck in patterns or find yourself thinking, "why do I keep doing this?", this book gives you tools and insights into how to break these destructive patterns and create a new way of thinking. It's a wonderful reminder that we really can ... quite literally ... change our mind!

I hope you find time this holiday season to dive into one of your favorite books or one of the books mentioned above. All of us deserve the gift of escaping into new worlds or new ways of thinking.

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