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8 Great Christmas Ideas for Mom

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'Mom' should be the first name on your list of people to gift on Christmas. A thoughtful present goes a long way in showing your appreciation. However, gifting doesn't come naturally to everyone, and you may have trouble settling on one. You want to get something other than a box of chocolate or roses, but where do you start? The following gift ideas will leave your mom smiling and feeling loved. Besides your mother, you can get them for your mother-in-law, new mom or any woman in your life who has acted like a mother.

1. Gift Cards

Gift cards never get old because your mom never gets over shopping. Learn which shops she prefers then get cards from there. A gift card is perfect when you stuck for gift ideas or you left your shopping to the last second. Your mom can choose what she likes, which saves you the embarrassment of getting the wrong present. It also ensures that your mom doesn't get three similar gifts from different people because you all had the same idea.

2. Mobile Massage

Whether your mom is still working or retired, you can't go wrong with a massage. The stress of taking care of a home and children can be overwhelming. A good massage will help your mother unwind and get rid of all the tension. Bringing the service to her is even better as it adds to the overall experience. You can book the mobile massage with Blys or get her a voucher to use when she's ready. Give your mother five-star spa treatment from the comfort of her home.

3. The Latest Novel

Moms always have a passion for reading. Whether its romance, thriller or science-fiction, search for the latest paperback in genre she loves. You can easily find the trending title online, which makes it easier to pick the gift. If possible, find one from your mom's favourite author.

4. Short Cruise

No one appreciates a good getaway like a mother, especially one who hasn't had a holiday in a long time. A short cruise with P&O to an isolated island or around New Zealand is the perfect way to enjoy the holidays. Your mother can have four days of bliss, exploring exquisite beaches, enjoying diverse cuisines, and making new friends. A cruise is filled with activities from water sports to sightseeing, stuff that will cater to all kinds of travellers.

5. Wine Tasting Tour

For a woman with a passion for wine, a tasting tour makes a great gift. The wine country in Australia is magical and will present an opportunity to learn more about different products. A good tour will also include magnificent attractions. You can schedule a trip to several vineyards, complete with lunch or dinner. A group tour will give your mom a chance to meet and interact with other wine lovers.

6. Personalised Keepsake Box

If there is anyone who wants to keep items such as family trinkets, photos and souvenirs, it’s your mom. A customised keepsake box will give your mother a place to keep such mementoes. You can personalise the box with a picture of the family. Engraving a personal message or dedication to mom on the lid is another way to turn a plain keepsake box into a memorable gift.

7. Bath Set

The right bath set will give your mom a relaxing, therapeutic experience in the bathroom whenever she wants. With a combination of essential oils, aromatherapy candles and body wash, you can provide a spa-like experience at home. Lavender, verbena and tea tree oil are some top choices when picking a bath set. Mineral bath infusions are also good alternatives for at-home pampering.

8. Wine Hamper

Wine is a classic when it comes to Christmas gifts. Ready-made wine hampers are convenient, but customised ones are more thoughtful. Pick a good vintage that your mother will love and include other products to complement like chocolates, cheese or biscuits. A bottle of wine doesn't go very far during the holidays, so you may want to have several bottles in the gift basket.

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