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7 Tips For Preparing to Visit Disney World With Kids

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Disney is the dream trip for the whole family, where children are the main protagonists and parents enjoy seeing their children turn their dream into reality. An unforgettable walk that stays in the memory of all, so to take advantage of every moment we have prepared a few tips to make that dream come out cheap, save and enjoy in that wonderful place.

Tip # 1

Undoubtedly the best months to travel cheap are January and September for several reasons: the number of visitors goes down on these dates due to the calendars of the schools, for the first weeks of these months and the children have entered the class, so the parks have a moderate number of visitors, that makes it easier to access the attractions, the less long lines and a quieter environment. Another factor is the weather, it would be winter and autumn respectively, and that makes the trip through the parks more bearable, humidity and heat have decreased, so it is an excellent time to endure long journeys. And finally, the best reason is that the prices of everything go down to the maximum -except for the tickets to the parks that remain constant throughout the year.

Tip # 2

Plan your stay well, the more days you buy cheaper you get tickets to the parks , if you want to visit 3 Disney parks you get better buy 3 days in a package that independent days, inform yourself well before ending up paying a higher price , there are often offers like pay 3 days and get 1 free.

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Tip # 3

If you are staying at one of the Disney hotels or resorts, the price you pay for your stay includes transport to the parks , either through buses, boats or monorails. If you stay in independent hotels many of them also have that service included, make sure of that before making your reservation. There are thousands of options to stay in Orlando and very close to the parks, take your time to analyze the best option for you. If you are only going to visit the parks, it would not be worth staying in a hotel with many amenities because you will not take advantage of them, you will only get to sleep and the next day you will leave early for another attraction. So a standard hotel may be your best option in that case.

Tip # 4

If you like memories or want to bring some presents or details to your family or friends, we recommend buying them at discount stores and NOT inside the parks. In some shopping centers such as Orlando Premium Outlets you can find this type of store called Disney Character Warehouse where the items can be up to 50% off, only they are from previous seasons, but if it comes to saving it would not hurt to buy there.

Tip # 5

In almost every hotel, store or restaurant you will find notebooks with discount coupons, you can find good savings in restaurants, transfers, tickets to other attractions and shows. It does not hurt to take a notebook of those, they are free .

Tip # 6

Something else that can make your trip cheap is that breakfast is included in the hotel rate. Many hotels have the option of continental breakfast, which is quite attractive. If you go to another place the account will cost more, often you will not eat everything you have ordered, so you will waste time and money, while if you do with the hotel you will eat what you want to eat without having to pay more and not You will spend time in transfers.

Tip # 7

Disney is one of the few parks in the world that let your own food in, although they check your bag at the entrance, they do it for safety, but not to check if you have something edible. Inside the parks the restaurants (even the simplest ones) turn out to be expensive, a hamburger, a soft drink or even a bottle with water can cost more than double its real value. So, organize your backpack very well from the day before and prepare some good sandwiches, snacks, drinks , fruits that you can eat easily and in case you carry small children do not forget your luggage, including change clothes. How is a long day we recommend that you are well hydrated, if you can take a thermos with water would be great, you can fill it as many times as you want in the water troughs that are throughout the park, the price of each bottle of water inside reaches the $ 3 dollars. A comfortable car where you can load all your stuff does not hurt.

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