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7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed

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Wi-Fi speed of a router depends on many factors, the important being the router functioning and placement. When the router is updated to a newer model or uses advanced add-on tools, you can be assured of faster data rates. The add-ons usually come with the tech support system, like the which assist you in your installation and user queries. Broadly the factors affecting your Wi-Fi speed can be classified into the following:

Bandwidth related problems

1. Crowded bandwidth

You may be acquainted with the channels available for the router. Make use of the apps to check the availability of less crowded channels. Once you spot the channel, it becomes easier to switch to them through the dedicated apps and steer clear of neighbouring Wi-Fi traffic. This definitely boosts your Wi-Fi speed.

2. Too many devices eating your bandwidth

The live video streaming or the gaming device you have plugged in may be using up all the bandwidth. Check for the list of devices using your Wi-Fi signal and restrict the usage according to your gaming or video watching needs. Smartphones, smart pads and gaming consoles, the list may go on, checking which device is still in use is a good practice to remove the bandwidth-consuming devices and optimise your Wi-Fi speed.

3. Too many guest users logging in

If you have too many guest users logging into your Wi-Fi, it is recommended you use a speed limiter and have a separate guest account for the same. This helps maintain router efficiency and give you optimal data speed. Also, check for logged in users if you have not changed your Wi-Fi password of late. Weak secured networks attract people looking out for free internet hotspot.

Router Placement problems

4. Location of Router is important

Place your router in a central and easily accessible place. The signal coverage is optimal if the open shelf is high and at a central location in your house. If you are unable to choose such a location for want to space or another issue, you may want to consider using different types of router networks or add-ons to boost the Wi-Fi signal strength.

5. Update and restart your Router regularly

Sometimes a simple reboot to your router may solve the problem. Just unplug the modem, disconnect the power cord and let it stay for a few seconds. Connect the power and modem accordingly after say about 20 seconds. This usually clears the cache memory which may be affecting your data speed.

6. Use of Mesh network to boost router coverage

Alternately, you can use a Mesh network, which offers you with greater coverage and stronger Wi-Fi signal. This type of network comes with the main unit installed with the router and other assisting units which are installed around the house, thus creating a mesh of network.

7. Router add-ons to boost signal strength

Use add-ons like a simple high gain antenna or extender like Netgear. These can be installed and managed from a desktop which makes it easy for you to boost your signal strength. The Netgear set up comes with support in case you are stuck with installation or have queries regarding change of a setting.

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