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7 iPhone apps to help you with your newborn

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Having a new baby is a stressful time, especially for the first-time parents. Though you love and cherish your baby, there are moments when you can’t bear yet another midnight feed or nappy change! But you can make your job a bit easier with the use of these helpful iPhone apps, all of which are designed to help new parents.

1. Baby Connect

If you want to get all of your baby’s information in one place, then this is the way to do it. Baby Connect stores information about your baby’s growth, how often they are feeding and sleeping, what vaccines they have had and still need, when they last took medication, and so on. You can categorise all of your data and access it easily, as well as sharing it with others. It’s great for recording everything you need to know.

2. My Baby Today

This app will give you information, on a daily basis, about where your baby should be at. Don’t worry too much about being a little behind, or even ahead, as all babies are different. You can track a few things, like sleeping and feeding schedules. Mostly, this is a great reference guide to put your worries to rest.

3. Baby Bundle

What if you want to track your baby and also talk to experts and other parents? This app has tracking features but also comes with a connected forum, where you can discuss things and also read expert advice. There’s a full parenting guide built into the app so you can read up on any subject you need to know more about. It’s free to download, which is always a plus.

4. Hell’o Baby

This free app functions almost like a diary or a scrapbook for your baby as they grow. You can share photos, videos, and audio recordings with loved ones directly from the app, and also store them for later viewing. You can add memories and events so that the posts tell more of a story. If you have a second-hand phone, make sure to get your iPhone unlocked so that you can share posts to the cloud and more.

5. Cozi Family

Do you feel like keeping on top of things is a lot harder now that you have a baby to worry about? Cozi Family tracks everything. Remember your appointments, make grocery lists, view your calendar ahead of time, and even record precious memories in your journal. It’s a cute way to keep a diary about your baby while at the same time remembering those day to day needs.

6. Baby Monitor 3G

Carrying a set of baby monitors around is tedious. But what does everyone already have? A pair of phones or tablets – one for each parent. With this app, one phone can become the baby monitor, while the other is used to check in on your little one with both sound and video.

7. Baby Sprout

Lastly, this app allows you to track multiple children, creating graphs for their development as well as recording special memories. You can do this with twins or with one older and one younger child (or more). It also gives advice on living with babies and helps you to see how they are doing compared to similar ages.

With these apps at your disposal, you will never worry about missing a feed or how well your baby is growing. All the information will be at your fingertips!

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