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7 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Australia

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One of the most well-known facts about Christmas in Australia is that the holiday season falls under one of the boiling hot months of the year. Maybe this is the reason numerous Australians are opting to celebrate Christmas in July. As the temperatures are relatively cooler during this month, it permits them to have a grand traditional celebration which cannot be enjoyed in the heat. But, it doesn’t matter if you are celebrating Christmas traditions in Australia in December or July, you can be assured of one thing, that you will have a memorable time! People send Christmas gifts to mark the celebration.


Let us have a look at seven incredibly delightful ways to enjoy and celebrate Christmas in Australia.

Blue Mountains: Enjoying A Traditional Roast - Although several Australian people continue to celebrate Christmas food in Australia food with a typical roast in December, the immense heat during this month makes it tough to relish the feast. This is the reason why you should travel to the Blue Mountains in July for a typical Christmas celebration along with sparkling fire. You can also relish a Yuletide experience in numerous restaurants and hotels in the Blue Mountains. We recommend that you also visit the Lookout restaurant for a jaw-dropping spectacle of the Three Sisters and adjoining valleys. A genuinely remarkable Christmas gift for boyfriend, girlfriend, family, and friends.

Sovereign Hill: Experiencing the delightful Lights - An alfresco museum situated in Ballarat in the state of Victoria, Sovereign Hill exhibits the best of Christmas embellishments in Australia. In July, however, it turns into a spellbinding winter wonderland with Christmas tree, fake snow, and bright lights as an element of the Christmas celebration. With Main Street, where the Winter Wonderlights are displayed each year. This is a place you must visit if you wish to encounter the Australian Christmas celebration in July.

Perth: Exploring The Nightlife and Visiting Wellington Square - Perth is a fantastic place for the Christmas celebration in July. But if you’re planning to put on a Christmas jumper in December, you will have a tough time. Jumpers have a unique place when talking about Christmas outfits in Australia. You can have fun with Jumpers only when you celebrate Christmas in July in Australia. The city’s pubs are all spruced up, providing you an opportunity to witness beautiful lights and ornaments. Nevertheless, if you wish to do something meaningful this Christmas, then Perth’s Wellington Square is the perfect place to go. You can assist in putting up Christmas decorations in Wellington Square and provide to those who are not so fortunate, making sure they also celebrate the festive season. Joining other volunteers, you can lend your support to those in need and serve lunch, Christmas plum cake, and Xmas gifts.

Queensland: Enjoying a Sicilian Themed Party - Do you wish to witness Christmas decorations in Australia, which you do not usually come across? Then head to the Ballandean Valley in Queensland where will be able to relish a Sicilian-themed Christmas Party in Australia organized by a winery in July every year. The Costanzo family, who own the property since 1946, makes sure that the occasion is an Italian affair. It even contains the presence of La Befana, the so-called Italian Christmas witch.

Lord Howe Island: Meeting Santa - Celebrating Christmas on an island is something that might not have come in your thoughts, but you have to think outside the box when you are in Australia. Lord Howe Island, which is located off the eastern coast of New South Wales, is one of the most famous places in the country to celebrate the holiday. You can relish traditional Australian Christmas food, a wide range of special programs, and even meet Santa and receive your Christmas gift. You can even send Christmas cake to your special one residing over there.

Melbourne: Cruising on - When celebrating Christmas in Australia, if you are not in the mood to clean or cook, then make your way to Melbourne for the festive celebrations. Melbourne is one of the best places to celebrate the holiday season during your stay in Australia. You can unwind and relish your Christmas Day and gradually sail by the most splendid views of the city.

Sydney: Experiencing Boxing Day Tradition - If you have put down your last Christmas garland, it doesn’t indicate that the festive celebrations are over in Australia. Head to the yacht race in Sydney to relish one of the oldest Boxing Day customs. For more than 65 years, the tradition continues of yachts racing from Sydney to Hobart to celebrate the closure of the festive season. You can relish the sun, sand, and an amazing and exciting race.

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