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6 Obvious Reasons Why Being a Teenager is Hard Today

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Teenage life is a phase full of energy, hope, life, joy, beauty, and passion. Conversely speaking, old age is all about frailty, despair, and illness. Here, some questions rise that is this age easy to live, just enjoying and having fun? Does this phase of life have only advantages? The answer is no. There are advantages of being a teenager. In a discursive essay published in Teen, there were the following reasons listed: they do not have responsibility on their shoulders and can enjoy a carefree life. They can explore new things without the fear of easily be molded. As far as learning is concerned, teenagers can easily learn and pick things quickly. Despite many advantages, being a teenager in today’s world is not easy. Teenagers face many challenges, making right decisions, choosing right environment and people, and expressing emotions, etc.

Today, it is easy to call the generation of teenagers as oversensitive, have feelings of entitlement, and they are babied. Though, to some extent, this criticism is not wrong, however, if looked closely, they have challenges that could be difficult for anyone. They are living in a completely different world, as compared to few decades ago. There are several reasons that being a teenager is difficult or hard today. Let us consider a few of those reasons:

Nonstop Exposure

In the internet world, there is a constant stream of knowledge and information. Though, teenagers can opt not to use it, however, it would be like telling them to stick into a room during their high school. This is unrealistic. They go on internet world and see everything displayed, whether positive or negative. Unfortunately, negative aspects can damage their mindset. When a teenager is at home, he/she is at haven. Yet, in the presence of advanced technology teenagers are not safe and face cyber bullying. They are offered a full exposure to pornography and violence at such a tender age without knowing what they are doing. Mostly, teenage boys end up with a habit of seeing pornography. Consequently, childhood’s innocence is cut short, though the adulthood is several years away.


Not only cyber bullying, but also fellow teenagers are often cruel. Bullying occurs at any age and any location. Nevertheless, its intensity in high during school years. It might become seriously traumatic. Only few people escape these years falling victim of bullying. A teenager has pressure from family and parents to conform to certain standards, hobbies and face backlash. Teenage life is like a minefield, filled with nasty bombs that could be dangerous when a teenager steps on them. Besides, social media bullying is also inevitable in this respect. Thus, it is very difficult for youth to escape bullying through any platform.

Hormonal effects and Puberty

A teenager has a great deal of pressures to face in his/her life, while his body trolls him too. One moment he is angry and another moment he is tearful, without knowing the reason. The teenager is not awkward by choice, but these mood swings are part of their biological growing up.


The first love of a teenager is not less than an agony. The stirring feelings towards a girl or a boy are like a harsh journey. In love, nothing else matters than deciding to launch his/her heart at someone. Loving someone takes over his life and he thinks he would never be able to love someone intensely again. When the first relationship breaks up, he wants to give up on everything in life and many times, girls and boys commit suicide.

Privacy and Independence

Teenagers are advised to act with maturity, yet they tend to be treated like kids. They face lack of privacy issue while they desperately want to enjoy their independence.

Unhealthy and High expectations

A teenager may encounter unhealthy expectations such as the fear of failing in exams, not getting admission into a desirable university, experiencing a bleak future, no money, and no value in society, results in terrible sleepless nights. All this leads to depression and anxiety.

It would be healthy for a better future of teenagers that their parents should not put unnecessary pressures on them because that could have negative impacts on their children. Undoubtedly, they are facing many challenges. Already stressed, teenagers should not be treated harshly and strictly. Family members, teachers, and friends should talk to them in a friendly manner to understand their feelings and concerns. On the other hand, teenagers should also realize themselves what is good and what is wrong because what they will choose in life that could either make up their life or make it miserable.

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