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5 Tips for Travelling with Contact Lenses

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For those who regularly wear them, contact lenses are often a necessary extra step in your planning before undertaking any travelling. For starters, planning ensures that these essential items make it into your luggage! Such preparation needn’t be time consuming. By making use of these simple five tips, you can get packed quickly and enjoy the rest of your journey.

1) Pack your contact lenses with care

Contact lenses always need to be carefully stored, and this is even more important when travelling. As most lenses will be placed inside a suitcase or travel bag, there is a risk of them getting damaged in transit. Such damage usually occurs when lenses are not placed in the correct travel containers. It is worth investing in a small but sturdy container to protect all lenses when travelling, whilst placing solutions in zip-lock bags to prevent leakage. Travel friendly kits are easily accessible and the perfect size for fitting inside luggage.

2) Ensure you have a plentiful supply

Calculate beforehand how many contact lenses you will need for your trip, and then add to this number to ensure a plentiful supply once at your destination. If you need bulk contacts, head to WebContacts and order from the large range of contact lenses. This method ensures you are not left short during your stay. It is also a good idea to get into the habit of carrying a smaller number of lenses on you as you travel. Hand luggage or backpacks which stay with you throughout your journey are great for this purpose. This means should your flight get delayed, or you can’t reach your luggage instantly, you still have access to your contact lenses.

3) Take extra precautions with UV and water

For many travellers, sun and water features greatly in their destination. Whilst it is possible to wear goggles over the eyes and still wear contact lenses, chlorine and sea water can be an irritant to contact lens wearers. Added to this, UV rays are damaging to eyes and contact lenses do not offer the desired protection from them. Prescription sunglasses are an almost necessity when travelling as they can offer a high level of UV protection, particularly in the hotter destinations.

4) Stick to your cleaning routine

It is easy when travelling, and taking vacations, to become a bit more relaxed with routine and habits. However, this isn’t so great when it comes to the care and attention of your contact lenses. The cleaning, prepping and storing routine needs to continue regardless of location, especially if overall eye healthcare is to be maintained. A good idea is to set up your lenses kit somewhere accessible as soon as you arrive at your destination. This ensures that you are able to clean your lenses as usual, just as you would do back home.

5) Create a back-up plan and alternative

Travelling and adjusting to a new climate can cause tired eyes. Flights, long drives and air quality often leaves eyes dry, making contact lenses uncomfortable. Many lenses wearers take a pair of glasses with them to wear when travelling, or once arriving at their destination. Glasses offer an alternative if you find that you can’t manage your contact lenses, or simply want a change. Travelling can also be the time to experiment with daily disposable lenses which barely need any maintenance and can be alternated with a pair of glasses for maximum comfort.

Finally, always travel with a copy of your prescription, and any necessary contact details, as a precaution. If you have any further questions about travelling with contact lenses, visit your ophthalmologist for the best advice before you travel.

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