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5 Smart Considerations When Buying a Home With Kids

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Tips For Buying a House When You Have Kids


In the past, I've shared some tips for selling a house with kids. Now you'll see some guidance on how to find a home with children! Moving into a new house with kids is not always easy. When buying a home with kids, you need to take an abundance of considerations into account. It is essential to realize they need to feel part of the decision making progress. Of course, it all depends on how old your kids are at the time of the house move.

Buying a house with kids that are very young or toddlers is an entirely different ball game. It takes more care in explaining the process of why you are moving and how it will be better for them. Keep in mind you will probably get some resistance. They are kids, after all.

How To Make Your Kids Part Of The Home Buying Process

Moving from one house to another is an unsettling experience for kids. Some kids feel that their entire lives are changing. Older kids or teens don't like leaving their schools and friends behind. Perhaps the most crucial consideration to bear in mind is timing. Moving at the right time in your kids' life is just as important as deciding to move in the first place.

One of the first things to do is explain to your kids the necessity of the move. Coming home one day telling your kids that mom and dad got a new job and you need to move is not such a smart thing. Keep on talking to each other and make sure you all know what is going on in each other's lives. Are you looking for a new job in a different state? Well, just tell the kids - they will appreciate your honesty and feel part of the decision.

When you start the home buying process, make your kids part of it. Talk openly about it and ask them to check out the houses with you. Take them along for the showings. They will love feeling part of the process.

New Schools

Sure, it is essential that you are close to your new job. But don't forget about finding an excellent school for your kids. This is where a professional real estate agent comes in. He or she will be able to give you the best advice on schools in the area. Even so, go to the schools with your kids and check them out for yourselves. Does the local school have all of the right facilities you would want for your kids? How far away is it from your new home?

New Neighborhood

What about the neighborhood? For you, as an adult getting to the supermarket or local mall is probably essential. That is all well and good, but you need to ask yourself what matters to your kids? They are much more likely to want to know how they can get to local sports facilities or hang out with their friends in a safe place.

Are you actually looking in a neighborhood or on a quiet country road? While you may prefer some seclusion, your kids will probably want to be around their peers. Living in a large neighborhood with tons of kids has much appeal to kids of school age.

Safety First With Younger Kids

Buying a home with kids when they are younger is often easier. Young kids or toddlers often find it easier to relocate than teens who take longer to make new friends.

You want to make sure that both the neighborhood and your new home is safe for your family. That lovely home with a large koi pond in the backyard probably looks great, but is it safe for your kids? Buying a house with a large child-friendly garden is a much better idea instead.

Also, consider what the local streets are like. Is it busy? In that case, it may not be the place where you want to live when your kids start riding around on their bikes in a few years.

What About The Layout Of The Home?

Buying a house with kids also means checking out the layout of the home. Smaller homes are becoming increasingly popular, but do they offer you enough space as a family? The way we live and work are both rapidly changing. One family member may work from home. That means you would probably want a dedicated home office while you still make sure you have enough space for your family.

An excellent idea is to create a wish list. Give the list to your buyer's agent and ask them to help you in the search for your new home. Lots of buyers wonder what does a real estate agent do. Well, it is more than just taxi you around looking at houses. There is an abundance of things an exceptional buyer's agent does for you behind the scenes. The more information you give your real estate agent, the more likely it is you will end up finding just what you are looking for.

Some of the more popular features to have when buying a home with kids include the following:

  • A mudroom for kids to take off their muddy shoes and boots.
  • A dedicated playroom just for the kids.
  • A finished basement space.
  • A second-floor laundry room.
  • A kid's work station.

These are all terrific amenities to be on the look-out for when kids are part of the mix. Give your real estate the search criteria that need to be met so you don't waste your time or theirs looking at properties that won't be a fit.

Final Thoughts When Buying a House With Children

Above all, don't rush into buying a home with kids. Moving is an expensive business. Make sure you end up buying a house that will work for you for a long time, not just for a couple of years or so. This is something that the best real estate agents can help you with when you move to a new neighborhood or a different part of the country.

Never underestimate your long term happiness in a property. Buying and selling can be a costly proposition when it is done in a short period of time.

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