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5 Reasons To Take Your Kids On A Hike

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In today’s digital age it’s a challenge for any parent to keep your child away from his/her gadgets. Consider going on a hike with your child/children which has multiple benefits. I am giving you 5 reasons to go on a hike with your kid/s!

A good way to curb gadget time of your kid/s

Children today are exposed to tablets, smartphones, and TVs from an early age. Gadgets can be a fun way to learn but maintaining an appropriate balance of screen time is challenging. The chances of your child/children becoming a victim of cyber bullying can’t be omitted. Also, social media has imposed pressure of behaving a certain way and children aiming to live up to a certain image is worrisome.
Hiking with your child gives him/her a chance to realize that there is more to life than their digital image. Reaching a certain level in a game or receiving a certain number of likes or followers should be the least of their concern. Instead, encourage your child to enjoy the marvels of nature through hiking.

Physical and mental well being

Walking is a good form of exercise. Instead of burning calories in a gym consider hiking with your kid. It is an exercise both you and your child can do and become fit together. Hiking is known to improve cardio-respiratory function as well as muscular fitness.
Scientific studies show that chemicals like adrenaline and serotonin are released during a hike that promotes positive thinking. It also aids in providing quality sleep and reduces the chances of depression.

Building up their character


Your little one/s will be walking on a rocky trail, traversing through bridges, and treading on exposed roots. Walking without a fall will be an accomplishment for your kid. Hiking on an unfamiliar terrain improves the problem-solving ability and boost confidence level.

When something grabs the attention of your child make sure you explore with him/her. Let your child’s curiosity and creativity prosper. If you feel your child/children enjoy hiking then take it a notch higher by hiking in Nepal. Trekking or hiking in Nepal amidst verdant hill, snow capped mountain, and rich flora and fauna will be awesome. A day hike to weeks long treks Nepal caters for everyone.
Hiking is a good way to teach your little one/s that enjoying the journey is more important than reaching the destination. Who knows you might be laying a foundation of future adventure your child might embark years later.

Raising environmentally conscious child/children

Children are impressionable and they pick up from your habit. Practice hiking without leaving a trail and collect your plastic waste and dispose of in a proper way. It is a good way to start a conversation about not leaving your trash behind. A small effort to save the environment will make a great impact. It will make them aware of the importance of saving nature as the upcoming generation will play a significant role in protecting the environment.

Creating everlasting memories

Hiking is a good way for a digital media detox both for you and your family. Enjoy a quiet family time amidst nature. Walking with your kid/s, observing them being amused by wildlife and educating them will be a fulfilling experience.
Don’t forget to pack your child/children's favorite snacks in case your child becomes a picky eater. Also, you can use their favorite candy or chocolate as a celebratory item or reward for them upon achieving some feat. Children grow up fast; moment soon becomes memories so, create many memories together as you can!
With hiking you are teaching your child/children endurance and perseverance unconsciously.

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