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5 Easy Tips for Glowing Youthful Skin for Busy Mommas

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Moms are a busy bunch always juggling between household chores, child care and professional deadlines. Their packed schedule hardly allows them the time for regular beauty care and that takes a huge toll on their lovely skin. However, you don’t always need elaborate face packs to keep your skin glowing. According to beauty experts, a few moderations and checks in lifestyle will go a long way in assuring healthy youthful skin for the busy mommas.

Healthy diet is a must

A smooth cycle of cell regeneration is fundamental to a radiant young skin. But you have to help the body in producing fresh skin cells by powering it with right nutrients. So, please be mindful about a healthy diet to keep your skin glowing.

Focus on leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits. It’s necessary to have foods rich in Vitamin A & Vitamin C. Both the vitamins are great to beat skin dullness and bring back that lost glow. You should also consume healthy fat like nuts, oily fish, flaxseed etc. They help to keep the skin hydrated & moisturized from within for that desired supple vibrant look.

8 glasses of water everyday is also a must.

Don’t skip on exercise

Try to take out at least 20-30 minutes each day for a fulfilling exercise session. Workout is essential for healthy blood circulation throughout your skin tissues- which invariably brings back the lovely pink glow on your face. If you can’t hit the gym, get a jog or brisk walk around your nearby park. Otherwise there various exercise tutorials online to help you out. Do you love to jig? Put on the earphones, click on your favorite track (something feet-tapping obviously) and dance your heart out. You can even ask your little munchkin and spouse to join in and those will be some of the most memorable moments of your life.

Cut down on smoking & alcohol

Both smoking and alcohol are bad for your skin and you must at least cut down on them- if you can’t stop them altogether. Studies show smoking leads to faster degradation of collagen – the important protein which strengthens the skin. Collagen naturally degrades over time and cigarettes only expedite the process. On the other hand, alcohol dehydrates the body leading to dry dull skin.

Follow proper sun protection

Scorching rays are one of the worst enemies of a beautiful skin. So, you must take proper care while going out in the sun. Don’t forget a good sunscreen lotion (above SPF 15) before you leave home. Also, you need to apply it after every 3-4 hours. Carry umbrella and your shades are your bestie here.

Get professional facial treatment

Once in a while (say after every 6 months), get professional facials. Your skin is an important part of your body and needs expert attention from time to time. The skin care specialists will examine your skin to find out the problem areas and get the pertinent clinical treatment. These would include double cleansing, thorough exfoliation, expert facial massage, toning and so on.

Finally, try to manage stress and keep yourself happy- after all, happy moms are the prettiest.

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