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5 Dorm Moving Tips for College Parents

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Did you know that here will be more college students attending school than ever before this year? It's true, and a large portion of those students will be incoming freshmen.

Moving into a dorm when you've lived your whole life under the care of your parents can be stressful. And most parents want to make this change as easy as possible for their newly minted adult.

But, how can you help your college student adopt their new life? I've put together several dorm moving tips to help. Scroll onward to find them.

1. Dorm Moving: Know the Rules Before You Go

Even the most relaxed dorms have rules. Don't put this on the walls. Don't burn down the building while trying to impress your date. Etc.

And if you or your kid neglect to read the welcome packet sent by the university a month or so ago, you're going to either be shipping a load home or dropping it off in the dumpster.

And don't forget the red-tape. Often dorms and universities require a plethora of signatures and forms before anyone is allowed to sleep and live on their premises.

You will save an era of time if you just do this before you leave your home.

2. Pack the Toolbox

Some dorms don't come fully assembled. Many times dorms will store beds, lofts, or desks, and require students to assemble or adjust them.

Unless you want to risk that your son or daughter might sleep on the floor their first night, bring a toolbox, and maybe even a roll of duct tape, just in case. (Hey, it fixes everything!)

And, even if the bed, desk, and chairs are already assembled to your satisfaction, sometimes the best configurations require some re-assembly.

So, get ready to get your feng shui on.

3. Use All the Storage Bins!

Dorm closets are notoriously tiny. Any freshman who lives in one knows this.

Also, dorm closets typically don't include shelves. Thus, bins and totes are a college student's best friend.

Before you head out to the college, head to Wal-Mart or Target or a similar store. Usually, these stores will set up specific sections dedicated to dorm living. There you'll find all kinds of dorm accessories like dorm closet door shoe hangers and totes arranged in pull-out drawer fashion.

4. Sort It All Before You Go

If you want the dorm moving process to go smoothly, you should make sure the packing is as organized as possible.

If you bought storage bins, these will be the best place to start. Separate winter clothing and summer clothing. Depending on where your kid is going to school, they might need winter clothes faster than you think.

Be sure to pack all foodstuff separately. You don't want that bag of nutter-butters melting and ruining their favorite shirts.

And bag all liquids. It's the same principle as the food. You don't want that cologne, perfume, or nail polish remover to saturate their clothes on the first week of school or it will be the first (fragrant) impression that the other kids make of them.

College kids might be deficient in many areas, but they're masters of creating nicknames that can endure for years!

5. Bring the Kleenex

And lastly the most important of all college dorm moving tips:

If this is the first time you're packing your kid off to college, be prepared for tears. Even if you're not an emotional person, you'll quickly find you need a tissue or two.

And if you need to talk about sending your kid off to college, check out Today's Open Discussion.

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