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5 Business Lessons Inspired By My Pandemic Homebound College Kid

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Recently we've all been given an opportunity to spend more time with our children due to a certain nasty virus. In my case, my daughter Vicky is home completing her second semester of her second year of College online. She is sitting across from me as I type this. I watch and marvel at her work ethic. She has always been a hard worker. A trait I am so proud she has developed. As I watch her I note a few other traits I recall her developing over the years of her young life. I strikes me that they would make great traits to apply to any business.

Here are 5 business lessons inspired by my Pandemic Homebound college kid:

1 See Things Through

This kind of goes with the work ethic bit. I remember a time when Vicky came to me and asked to take Karate lessons because she had been inspired by a T.V. show who’s lead character was a young girl with such skills. She soon found out that taking Karate lessons wasn’t the same as watching television. Each milestone belt color came and went, and when things weren’t so fun she stuck with it even when doubts came in whether she would ever make it to Black Belt. She persevered. Some years later she was a proud, newly minted Black Belt.

Once you set a worthy goal for yourself or your company persevere through the tough times and the pain, you will be rewarded in the end.

2 Plan. Review. Adjust. Pivot.

As much as I would like to think I’m good at this, I have to be honest in that I have to make the effort to stay organized because it did not come naturally to me at a young age, but it is so important. My daughter, I like to joke, was born with an Organizer in one hand and a Highlighter Pen and Post It Notes in the other.

The good news in this day and age is there are so many good Apps and Tools to help anybody plan their Work Flow and stay Accountable to others and themselves. Be like my daughter and spend time to plan or do some “light scheduling” as she likes to joke. Plan, Review, Adjust, Pivot, whatever it takes but just make sure you are making progress each day. Do not be out there without an overall vision!

3 Listen More Talk Less

My daughter grew up, for better or worse, (I’d like to think better) the product of two Immigrant parents with several languages and points of views in the household. I always enjoy watching her take in differing points of view, do her own thinking and form her own opinions, thoughts and conclusions. Being able to problem solve, form plans of action and being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes are powerful traits in Business and in life in general.

You don't need to be able to speak English, Russian and Spanish as she does, but by listening to people & immersing yourself, digging deeper into the needs and motivations of others and by truly listening you will be able to serve People and Companies on a much deeper level.

4 Do Something You Love

This may seem obvious but I know a whole lot of people that are doing something for a living that they do not necessarily like doing. Vicky has always been Artistic and that is her passion. Even though she is still in school, she is already a working Graphic Artist and loves bringing other people’s visions to life.

If you are feeding your Passion, work doesn’t feel like work and your work prospers.

5 Care About What Others Are About

Vicky was a thirteen year old girl when she read about a Charity that made wigs from real hair for young Cancer victims that lose their hair due to Chemotherapy treatments. She decided to grow her hair out long enough to then be able to cut it for donation to this Charity. She saw what they were about, understood their need and took action to help fulfill that need.

In business you must understand and try to anticipate the needs of your Customers, Clients or Patients and do all to fulfill those needs.

Truth is, there are so many things I have learned over the years from this young lady. She continues to be an inspiration to me. Take the time to appreciate your children, understand that we are not only here to teach them about life, but to learn from them as well!

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