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4 Life Lessons I Learnt In College

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College life is a roller coasters ride; it can be amusing but also demanding at the same time. Be it moving out of home or making new friends everything can be challenging but it’s also more than long lectures and grades. It’s like no other time in your life

I graduated in 2015 and my college gave me friends, lessons, memories and a great sense of adulthood. Here are some valuable lessons I learnt :

1. You can be a mess and its okay:

I had a lot of embarrassing and drunk stories back in college, it got so horrible that the whole college knew about them but I still got out of them and started fresh each time I made a mistake.

I learnt that you don’t always have to make mistakes to learn. People or friends around us make a lot of mistakes and it’s important that you learn from their mistakes too. No matter how big of a mess I was I realized about it at the right time which helped me graduate with good grades and four jobs that I had to choose from.

2. Learning from people around you:

You meet different kinds of people in college. While some are friends, some teach you great lessons. However I did learn from both kinds.

I learnt positivity from the friends who supported me and how to let go negativity from the fake friends around. It’s also essential to maintain good relations and friendships here which end up being your support system for lifetime but that doesn’t mean you have to have tons of friends. When I graduated I ended up having only two good friends and that’s okay because only true friends stay. Friendship isn’t always about parting and drinking it is much more than that.

3. You have to fight your own battles:

No matter how many real friends you have they cannot always support you with all the bad situations you end up in. At the end you will be on your own and that’s the sole reason it’s essential to learn being independent.

From learning to travel to home alone or eating alone sometimes to preparing for an assignment, you got to do it on your own. This actually helped a lot when I started working at a corporate structure or as an entrepreneur. No matter how many best friends you have you have to help yourself out of few situations.


4. One of the scariest things is not knowing what’s next(embracing uncertainty):

The last days/last semester at college can be interesting; you are excited for your next chapter in life but also sad for leaving behind your friends and college. Graduating from college is a major milestone. It’s important that you get good advises from professors/career experts and parents here. When I graduated I had four jobs in hand and a passion for something to choose from. I wanted to follow my passion but I dint feel like it was the right time to pull that off. So I worked for 3 years for someone else until I can have enough funds and experience to start a company on my own.

Life gets real and uncertain from here for a lot of them as you take the next life decision but when you leave you also learn lessons for life which are not taught in the classroom.

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