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4 Keys For Your Family's Health And Finance To Prosper

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If you want your family to reach new heights, it's important to get serious about two things -- health and finance.

These are two matters of life that hurt people the most, which is why you need to make this year one in which you have victories in both areas.

For instance, 40% of households don't have $2,000 in the bank. Further, more than 70% of men and women are considered either obese or overweight.

When you're financial sound and healthy, you'll have more of a foundation to tackle your goals and grow as a household. As the parents, you set the tone and standards for how you and your children handle these matters.

If you're interested in getting the most out of your life as a family, consider these four money and health principles.

1. Watch What Foods You Allow In The House

You have more control over the health of your family than you think.

Most people end up allowing their health to get out of hand due to eating out too much. This is both a matter of finance and wellness, since eating out also eats away at your pockets.

Instead of eating out, make sure that you prepare all of your foods in the house, or at least the majority of them.

Get on board with the family and prep some meals that everyone can eat throughout the week. You can refrigerate or freeze them in tupperware and buy some quality lunch bags so that food is fresh when taken to school or work.

You'll be shocked to find out how much money you can save and how much more satisfying these meals are compared to grabbing a quick burger and fries from a fast food joint.

Make sure that you're challenging yourself to prep healthy meals that have organic vegetables, so that you have health energy to get you through the day.

2. Get On The Same Page With Finance Goals

It's important that you get your entire family on board in order to make finances a discussion for the entire family.

It's never too early for your kids to get on board with goals.

For instance, if the parents have a budget, it's never too early to begin teaching kids about the value of budgeting.

If you have allowance in place, make sure your child stashes away at least 10 percent. You can set them up a bank account and let them know the value of tracking their money and making it grow.

Even better, if they do chores otherwise work for their money, you can teach valuable lessons about being accountable and putting in an honest day's work.

Take every situation as an opportunity for the entire family to grow in their finances.

3. Exercise As A Family Regularly And Track Progress

The most important part of health is to make sure that you're making progress.

If you're 80 pounds overweight and lose 5 pounds, give yourself credit and celebrate the fact that you're taking your health serious.

Since childhood obesity is at rates of close to 13 million kids, you'll want to do everything you can to pass down health principles.

In addition to eating right, you need to exercise as a family. Going on family walks, jogs or bike rides is an excellent start. Set weekly or bi-weekly weight loss goals if you've got some pounds to lose, so that you're always aware of where you stand. If you have trouble shedding pounds, fat burning supplements like lipodrene, or natural alternatives like green tea and grapefruit oil are excellent ways to kickstart your goals.

The more that you stay on top of your health and fitness, the more energy and well-being your family will have this year.

4. Keep Up With Your Mental Health

Finally, mental health is the piece of the puzzle that ties it all together.

When your mind is sound and you're able to functional mentally, you'll be less prone to impulsive decisions that negatively effect your financial and health decisions.

Going for walks everyday is a great way to help both your mind and body. Studies have shown that walking is beneficial because it improves both your self-esteem and mood.

Reading is an excellent way to learn valuable financial and health related information, to empower goals and excellence as a family for the long haul.

So there you have it -- follow these tips and your family will throve with health and monetary goals this year and for years to come.

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