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4 Baby Sleep Facts Most Parents Don't Know[A Visual Guide]

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Watching a baby sleep soundly is one of the most blissful experiences for a new parent. Not only does the baby’s innocent face and beautiful expressions make it a treat to watch, but also gives the parents some much-needed time to catch a breath and relax.

Adjusting to your newborn’s sleep schedule can be a challenge. The frequent wake ups and feedings are a lot to juggle but learning a bit more about how baby sleep works and understanding how your baby’s sleep will change over time can be a big help. For example, most parents don’t know that babies take 20 minutes (or even more!) to attain deep sleep, or her sleep patterns won’t begin to settle until 3-6 months old. However, your baby will be napping for upwards of 60 minutes at a time until 2 months old, and there are things you can do to help lull your baby back to sleep when they wake prematurely. Knowing what to expect from your baby’s sleep patterns can help new parents prepare.


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