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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

35 New Year's resolutions for my 35-year-old self

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This year, I'm making a resolution to make resolutions. It's hard to get 10 minutes to myself being a blessed boy mom of three under 6, but I'm proud to say I prioritized the laptop time to jot these down.

So here it goes: 35 New Year's resolutions for my 35-year-old self.

1. Make New Year's resolutions. (Check!)

2. Let go of things I cannot control.

3. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

4. Go to the gym once a week. While I pay for a gym membership, the only people who use it are my kids (thanks, swim team). I suppose I should jump on the exercise bandwagon...

5. Get caught up on picture/baby books. My oldest has a 16x16 photo book documenting every single milestone of his year one, and the books have gone downhill from there. I would really like to get back on track for all my sons.

6. Stop being controlling in situations I cannot (or should not) control. I gotta work on my OCD planning persona and surrender once in a while.

7. Start saying NO. I often tend to overcommit myself and it sometimes has a backfiring effect.

8. Start saying YES. On the contrary to resolution #7, I sometimes say NO when my answer should be YES.

9. Allocate 30 minutes of me time per week to do something for me. (Can't tell you the last time I got a pedicure.)

10. Accomplish a new creative project. Creativity keeps me stimulated. It's who I am, and I cannot help it. Getting creative is my personal high.

11. Go out of town with my husband (no kids) once a quarter... even for a night. Because we really, truly need the escape.

12. Get better at making dinner. I'm no chef, and frankly, I don't really like cooking. However, I'm determined to get a little more meal savvy.

13. Spend one-on-one time with my kids on a monthly basis. Whether it be a movie date with my oldest, a train park endeavor with my middle, or a simple walk with my baby, I aim to evolve our individual bonds and fuel the relationships with each of my boys.

14. Take that risk and dive in on a new idea I have brewing.

15. Forgive easily- myself and others. I've done wrong and have been wronged. We all have. And I really want to find it in me to surrender ill feelings towards myself, and towards others who have hurt me.

16. Do good more often. I want to instill in my kids to pay it forward and teach them to give back. I'm not sure what our avenue will be, but I want us to get involved in volunteering.

17. Put myself out there to make mom friends. (And I thought it would be hard for my kids to make friends!) Making mom friends is quite intimidating... I hope to create more quality friendships this new year.

18. Be a good friend to those I consider family. Because without them, I would have no village.

19. Pick up the phone more. Honestly I hate talking on the phone, and I have no time to do so. But my sister calls me every day, and I need to get better with picking up.

19. Evolve my personal business.

20. Eliminate toxicity without guilt. This is a big one. I'm sure many of you join in having encountered toxicity in your life, and it's a really troubling feeling. I don't want any negative clouds- nothing that can damper my state of mind for myself, or for my family. Therefore, I aim to remove myself from situations or relationships that cause me pain or anxiety.

21. Be a better wife. With our crazy, beautiful, busy lives, my relationship with my husband tends to slack low on the totem pole. It's not intentional- the balance is just hard with young kids. However, I resolve to try a little harder in 2020.

22. Journal more with my sons. As they get older, I want them to better document their lives and their feelings... writing down what they did each day, what they're thankful for, what's on their mind, etc. I believe in the power of writing, and I want them to start young.

23. Take that roadtrip. Last summer, the boys and I took to the open road for three weeks and it was an amazing escape. We did such simple things that brought us such simple pleasure- and I want to make it a summerly thing. At first, I was a little scared to be away and on my own with them- but it was magical! Therefore, I have to start planning now...

24. Read a book. Yes, just one book. And I bet it will take me a whole year to get through that single book, but reading is sooo important. (Any suggestions??)

25. At times of frustration, remember my kids are young. I really truly try not to lose it with them, but sometimes I can't help myself. I want to practice being more patient and carefully choosing my words when things get chaotic.

26. Stop eating so much cheese. It's my go to. And I WON'T give it up... but I should put a limit on my daily slice intake.

27. Take a girls trip. Simply put.

28. Put my phone down when I don't need to be on it. Truth be told, I do a lot of work on my phone- but sometimes I find myself scrolling Insta when I should, in fact, digitally detach.

29. Take care of my skin. I must take more time into caring for myself. (What's your nightly routine? Open to beauty tips.)

30. FaceTime with out of town family regularly. My family is a state away and I would like to be more consistent with video-chatting... especially for my kids.

31. Stop caring about things that aren't worth my time or energy.

32. Focus on experiences for my family. Better explore the area we live in and load the weekends with adventure.

33. Take a nap or two... or three.

34. Fold the laundry when it's done (rather than letting it sit in the dryer).

35. Create daily habits that promote a peaceful, productive, positive atmosphere for my family.

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