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30 facts about the album Red Hot Chili Peppers «Stadium Arcadium» - Top 100 Songs

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1. «Stadium Arcadium» - the first studiynik Red Hot Chili Peppers, has reached the top of the Billboard album charts .

2. The album was recorded in Los Angeles-based studio The Mansion in September 2004 and December 2005 . In these walls, "Peppers" create a classic album «Blood Sugar Sex Magik» 1991.

3. Producer «Stadium Arcadium» made by big-name Rick Rubin . Taking into account the «SA», at that time Rick worked with the group on five albums. By the way, the studio The Mansion belongs to the Rubin.

4. Initially «Stadium Arcadium» was planned as a trilogy: the band wanted to release one of the half-yearly . But the team abandoned the idea and released dvuhplitnik. Total at the time the band recorded 38 songs, 28 of them were in the official tracklist of the album (14 - in the first part, entitled "Mars", 14 - in "Jupiter", and a further 9 - as B-sides to the singles).

5. The last album Red Hot Chili Peppers, recorded with guitarist John Frusciante .

6. The album brought RHCP four awards "Grammy" in nomanitsiyah "Best Rock Album", "Best Rock awesome top songs of 2017» ( «Dani California»), "Best Rock Performance» ( «Dani California») and "the best design of the limited edition album. "

7. The studio The Mansion, by the way, the reputation of "the house with ghosts," which was confirmed by many of the musicians who recorded there .

Here is what John Frusciante recording «Stadium Arcardium»: «There were certainly some higher beings that controlled everything I did. I do not know how to talk about it or explain ... But one thing was for sure - the music came from somewhere else, except me. "

In addition, in an interview Frusciante Kerrang! He told that bringing in the studio are friendly and that he often masturbated in front of them. We hope that this - greasy joke.

8. In the first week of release the album has sold 442,000 copies in the US . The single «Dani California» has held the first place in the hit parade Billboard Alternative awesome top songs of 2017 14 weeks.

9. The tour in support of the «Stadium Arcadium» began in late May 2006 and ended August 27, 2007 . During this time the band played 132 concerts around the world.

10. By the way, in the final part of the tour as a second guitarist, backing vocalist and keyboardist c Group acted Josh Klinghoffer , who would later become the new guitarist RHCP. In the same round, Josh opened some concerts of "Pepper" as a part of Gnarls Barkley.

11. Great designer covers Storm Torgerson (author of the majority of album covers Pink Floyd) originally was to create a cover for «Arcadium Stadium then» . Storm came up with at least three versions of the covers, but instead of a group of interesting proposals focusing on the most simple - lettering «Superman», a blue background and a few planets that are circling in orbit.

Self-love and aesthetic taste Torgerson was hurt: "To cover" SA "they chose the old-fashioned font" Superman ", some kind of 'planetary embroidery" on the background and all! It was corny and dull, in contrast to the music they have recorded - a colorful, eclectic, positive and creative. I am not inclined to criticize other people's work, but in this case, given our interest as "Peppers" might reject our work, selecting a piece timidly design? ".

12. The famous clip to the awesome top songs of 2017 «Dani California» took Tony Kaye, director of the film "American History X" .

Flea Clip: "We took all the musical era: rockabilly," British invasion ", psychedelia, funk, glam, punk, goth, rock, metal, grunge, myself and all mixed in a bucket."

In the video you can see a parody of Elvis, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Cream, Sex Pistols, Nirvana, and many others.

13. Anthony Kiedis in an interview said that the «Dani» - is something like a common image for each girl, who was in his life . Earlier «Dani» appeared on «Californication» albums and «By The Way».

14. As soon as the awesome top songs of 2017 came out «Dani California», just rumors that Tom Petty sue "Peppers", as the guitar part is very reminiscent of Petty hit "of Mary Jane ''s of Last of Dance" .

However, doubts are dispelled by Petty himself: "I do not think this has any negative intent. Many rock and roll awesome top songs of 2017 sound alike. Ask Chuck Berry. For example, The Strokes in the awesome top songs of 2017 "Last Nite" used some of my "American Girl". In an interview, they confirmed it, then I laughed and thought, "OK, guys, cool, you have it handy." I do not care. Yes, if someone steals my notes with malice, then it is possible, and the dishes, but I do not believe the courts. I think enough trials in this country because of the pop songs. "

The funny thing is that the producer of «Mary Jane's Last Dance» was Rick Rubin.

Tickets for the U-Park Festival in Kiev (RHCP, The Kills and others, 6.07)

15. The song «Charlie», according to the group, is one of the most beloved in the «Stadium then Arcadium» . The guys decided to release her single self, and approached the matter thoroughly - launched a YouTube contest for the best idea for the official clip. Victory video Omri Cohen, in which members of the group represented by teenagers, riding in a truck in America.

16. The song «Snow (Hey Oh)» - autobiographical, tells the story of the past addictions Anthony Kiedis to white Chinese heroin . "Snowball" it is called for good reason: very narcotic substance similar to snow.

17. The track «Slow Cheetah» also autobiographical . It has a line «Any other day and I might play a funeral march for Bonnie Brae», which sends an episode from the book Kiedis «Scar Tissue», in which he talks about buying heroin on the corner of Sixth and Bonnie Bray. A line «Slow Cheetah come, it's so euphoric, no matter what they say» describes the feeling when kicks from heroin use is at its peak.

18. The video for the song «Hump de Bump» took the popular American comedian Chris Rock . Action video comes on the set of the series "Everybody Hates Chris." The main actor (ie, Chris Rock) is trying to get to the site, where there is a small dvizhuha, but the security guard, played by Craig Robinson unflappable, he refuses to let.

19. As a warm-up tour in support of the «Stadium Arcadium» were Patti Smith, Biffy Clyro, My Chemical Romance, Gnarls Barkley, Kasabian and others, as well as friends, "Peppers» of The the Mars to Volta . Guitarist "Mars" Omar Rodriguez-Lopez went on stage and played the bongos during the song «Hump De Bump».

20. The track «Stadium Arcadium» - one of the few, which initiated the writing of drummer Chad Smith . In the studio he started playing a bit, John Frusciante and he just played along.

21. «She's Only 18" - on one of the girls, Anthony Kiedis, model named Heather "Nick" Christie . They started dating when Kiedis was 41 and Heather 18. The couple have been together for three years, from 2004 to 2007.

22. The song «Especially In Michigan» tells the story of Michigan, home state Kiedis . You can hear references to the local football team «Detroit Lions» and the popular fishing lake in Michigan.

23. Initially, «Especially In Michigan» was to be the B-side to one of the singles, but eventually got on the album. The guitar part in the song played Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of the Mars to Volta of The .

24. The composition «Warlocks» Clavinet played on the legendary Billy Preston, who worked with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and many others . The song became one of the latest entries Preston - in 2006, the musician died due to kidney failure.

25. In an interview with Anthony Kiedis said that «Wet Sand» - this is the title song from the solo works of John Frusciante , but it does it so much that he persuaded a colleague to present the name of a song of the group.

26. The author of the video for the song «Desecration Smile» himself became Gus Van Sant, who directed, among other things, video RHCP «Under the Bridge» . This is the last video in the history of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, along with John Frusciante.

27. The song «Desecration Smile» a couple of years has become the fans something like the Holy Grail . The first live performance of the track held a charity concert Bridge School Benefit in 2004. Someone recorded the song and put it to the network. In the two years post it scattered all over the planet, but to release «Stadium Arcadium» composition is significantly altered. That's how it sounded initially:

28. The reason for writing the song «Death of a Martian» very tragic - while working on the album at the Flea dead dog named Martian . It is sad, but at the same time died Doggie Anthony Kiedis by named Buster.

29. Kiedis wrote the song «Hard to Concentrate» wedding Flea and model Frankie Rader .

30. The song «Animal Bar» - a place in Australia, where the flea born . The song tells about what you can see when to get.

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