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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

3 Ways To Stay Sane On The Plane With Kids (And Read More Than One Page Of A Book)

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Have kids, will travel. Let's face it, traveling with kids SUCKS. If you are one of those unicorn parents who says their kids are perfect, well-seasoned little travelers and you can take them anywhere.... well, I just don't think we can be friends, because the truth is, I have been traveling with my kids internationally since they were babies, and I have yet to come out of a trip unscathed.

I can't promise you a perfect, quiet, relaxing flight, but this should help come pretty freaking close.

1. The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Buy a bunch of little Dollar Tree/ Target dollar bin toys & activities. The key is to wrap them like it's a blind bag. Ever notice how kids love blind bags but they only really like the actual act of opening it, not necessarily what's inside? That's why wrapping the items you bring adds another layer of entertainment, which gives you an extra few minutes reading that new book- you're welcome. Oh and don't forget to keep some wrapped toys for the flight home too.

2. Get Crafty! My kids love a project. Me, not so much, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Michael's Stores has great inexpensive little craft kits for all ages. I always stock up and bring them, my kids especially love clay- make sure to check if any extra supplies are needed to complete the crafts, otherwise you might be in for a meltdown.

3. Bribery Will Get You Everywhere: I personally don't like to give my kids candy/junk food unless it's the holidays or a special occasion. Flying on a plane is considered a special occasion, and you need bribes. Don't let them know what you have. For example, if they love Doritos or Kinder Eggs but it's not something they are usually allowed to have, bring a few with you. The reason I say don't tell I really need to tell you why you need to keep this hush hush? THEY WILL HARASS YOU UNTIL YOU GIVE IT TO THEM. Keep these items for real emergencies only.

And there you have it, I just gave you 30 minutes of peace. I hope it's not a long flight!


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