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3 Ways to Help Your Teen Defeat Peer Pressure

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3 Ways to Help Your Teen Defeat Peer Pressure

As children become teenagers, their priorities change. Instead of finding the right toy to play with, they’re now focusing on the amount of followers that they have on social media. Playdates at home with parental supervision shift to going to the mall to hang out without parents around. Boys and girls who once had cooties are are now dating one another. These changes may seem abrupt, even for the most diligent of parents.

The transition from being a child to being a teen can be a drastic change that comes with many challenges that were not present before. One of the main issues that every teenager deals with is peer pressure. Your teen may encounter an instance where they are at a party where nearly everyone is drinking and a friend offers them a drink. Knowing that they shouldn't, do they stand on their own and not take a drink, or do they try to fit in and give in to the peer pressure?

Standing up against peer pressure can be a challenge, especially when teens want to fit in with the “cool crowd.” So, what’s the best way to help your teen stick up for themselves and confidently say no to an uncomfortable situation? Fortunately, there are several effective ways this can be done.

Educate Them About the Consequences

When it comes to peer pressure, many teens give in because of the curiosity that comes with trying something new, such as with drinking and drugs. They’re unaware of the consequences that could come with having alcohol and different substances. It’s important to educate your teen on the dangerous effects that can occur once these substances are consumed. These dangerous effects can include alcohol addiction or a substance use disorder. Your teen may brush them off at first and think you’re being overdramatic, but give them the opportunity to read up on the substance in question in order to get more information on it.

Boost Their Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is another big factor that comes into play with peer pressure. Your teen may not feel comfortable or confident enough to stand in front of their peers and say “no” to something that they’re all doing. A way to handle this dilemma is to help your teen with their confidence. Something as simple as a new haircut or taking up a new hobby may give them the chance to feel good about themselves, which leads to a stronger sense of self-confidence. Once your teen has a stronger sense of self-confidence , there’s no limit to the challenges they can handle- and that includes saying no to a drink at a party.

Remind Them About The Company They Keep

It’s important to remind your teen that they are in charge of the people that they decide to hang out with. So if they befriended someone who pushes the use of alcohol or drugs on them, they don’t have to remain friends with them. Remind them that true friends will accept them for who they are and what they choose to do, rather than try and make them be someone they’re not. After all, it’s better to have a few trustworthy friends than a lot of acquaintances. During these transformative years it’s crucial to teach your teen that quality matters more than quantity, and a quality friend would never put them in an uncomfortable situation.

While these things may seem small, it’s the simple changes that could make all the difference in your teen’s life. In this case, the small improvements will give them the chance to make more informed decisions regarding the timeless dangers of peer pressure. While the pressures may change over time, the desire to look a certain way in front of their peers remains the same. Keep these tips in mind when it comes to helping your teen stay true to themselves and avoiding being placed in difficult predicaments.

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