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3 Tips For Teaching Your Child to Swim

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Each summer, you deserve the peace of mind of knowing that your child is safe whenever they go to the pool or the beach. The only way to do this is to make sure they're strong swimmers.

Safety aside, teaching your child to swim opens them up to more social opportunities and will make them fit and limber.

To help your child learn to swim, there are a few tips you need to follow.

Learn to Swim!

Sure, you can always sign your kid up for lessons, but if you're the teacher, make sure you know how to swim.

Rather than just feeling your way through the process, it helps to have some techniques you can employ. If you can't swim or need to brush up on your skills, don't feel shy about signing up for lessons.

Adult swim lessons can cost between $40 an $75 per lesson.

The better you can swim, the more fun you'll have teaching them.

Teach Calm First

The main hindrance of learning to swim is fear -- plain and simple.

Your child will take off as a swimmer when you dispel their fear of drowning and help them to relax with the water. Start by simply having them put their head under the water.

Teaching them to breathe and hold their breath will keep them calm and let them remember their techniques. You will then want to teach your kids to float on their back. This involves relaxing completely into the water, which takes calmness.

Consider throwing some waterproof headphones on your child and putting on some classical music to help them relax as they learn these steps.

Be Consistent and Keep it Fun

Finally, make sure you're consistent with the lessons. This way, you will help your child build their muscle memory so that they can perform the correct strokes and grow comfortable in the water.

Make sure these sessions are always fun and your child will have no problem embracing the water and spending time with mom and dad.

If you follow these points, teaching your child to swim will be a breeze.

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