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Challenge: Winter Survival Secrets

3 Things To Turn Winter Frost Into Winter Fun

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This winter has already seen some heavy snowfall in certain areas, with areas of states like Georgia and Texas even having to deal with school closings due to winter weather.

While a little bit of snow is great, it can quickly get old and turn your household upside down. When you're trying to make the most out of some inclement weather, there are a few things that you and your family can do to survive.

Kids get fussy after a bit too much winter, and even adults begin to get a case of the blahs or get under each others' skin.

Use these three suggestions to make sure that you and your family make it through winter so that you turn that winter frost into more fun and memories that you could have ever predicted.

Get Out Of Town

Who said that you have to stick around to deal with the chilly temperatures?

Vacation shouldn't just take place in the summertime. If you and your family need to get away for a little while, there's nothing like going to a warmer climate -- even if for just a weekend.

Consider pulling your kids out of school early on a Friday, or using a three-day weekend to travel and regroup, as you head to warmer pastures. Consider a fishing vacation so that you can mix warm weather with team building.

You can keep the family free from cold weather, while also developing some great lessons by teaching the kids how to fish. Whether you just want to unwind and enjoy some time on the water, or make it a friendly competition, taking one of these trips is a great way to alleviate stress.

Since vacations make it easier for everyone to lower their cortisol levels, you and your family will go back home better than you were before you left.

Make Everything A Game

If you happen to be snowed in, the first thing you need to do is understand that there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Don't lament how much work you're missing out on, or how you can keep the kids calm while they're home from school and restless.

Instead, turn lemons into lemonade and make games out of everything. Use this as a time to catch up on some much-needed cleaning. Turn it into a game by making it a competition.

Break out the boardgames and enjoy some family time that you otherwise wouldn't have had the time in your schedule to do.

Regardless of how you go about it, keeping the snow day light is great for everyone.

Whip Up Some Recipes

Food makes everything better -- seriously.

Chances are that you don't often have the time to cook as much as you would like if your family is on the go.

Take the time to make pancakes or waffles, or try out some new dinner recipes that can put a smile on the kids' faces. Some recipes like stews, chicken and dumplings or pot roast stick to the ribs and make the winter weather outdoors a non-issue.

Don't be afraid to grab a bottle of wine to sneak off for parent time once the kids are tucked in also.

If you use these points you'll be better able to make it through even the roughest winter.

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