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3 Things I Wish I Knew About Sending My First to Kindergarten

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Hi Today Community! I'm a father of two daughters and want to share what I learned after putting them both through kindergarten, with a particular emphasis on the first time. Here's three quick shares for you to consider:


1. Kids are freakin' smart these days

I had no idea how advanced kindergarten has gotten until I walked into orientation. There are screens, and it was noted that some kids are already reading with some proficiency. I'm all about letting my daughters enjoy their childhood, but the second go around I was a little more aggressive about getting early development lessons started ahead of entering kindergarten.

2. Prepare yourself emotionally, and then prepare some more

I knew I was going to be a wreck when my first daughter started kindergarten. But I didn't know, and hadn't prepared, for exactly how much of a wreck I would be. The second go around was easier, but I could have done more to check myself. My stress and emotions rubbed right off on my kids, and probably caused them more stress at an already tough time. Let your emotions happen, but be strong and in control when your little ones are present.

3. Become friends with the teacher

I was a little overwhelmed with the process when we sent Hailey (my first) to kindergarten. I think part of me was overcome with a cocktail of pride and worry (see 2. above) and the other part was in awe of how things have changed. I didn't make a great connection with the teacher, and had to double back some months later to work at it. First impressions matter, so treat each opportunity for face time with the teacher as a very important meeting.

Come in with a game plan, and a key message you want them to remember about you and your little one. The second time around it worked like a charm, and I feel myself and my daughter got more personal attention because of it.

Best of luck Mom and Dad!

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