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3 Reasons Why Canvas Prints Are Better Than Photo Prints

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If there’s one question that many home decorators struggle with, then it has to be this - whether they should choose traditional photo prints or panoramic canvas prints. If you are someone who is often confused between the two, then you must definitely go through this blog. If you are stuck between choosing the two most popular types of prints (canvas and traditional), then a canvas print is your answer.

Of course, traditional prints are still loved and cherished by many. But if you want something unique and trendy, then custom canvas prints with words should be your choice. If you are still having second thoughts about it, we know how to convince you.

1. Canvas prints are unique

Do you want your wall to look stunning, classy, and painterly? If yes, then getting a textured canvas will surely do the trick for you. Since canvas prints are made using advanced printers, they pretty much look like original paintings or even better. In fact, canvas prints are so pristine that you will be able to see each and every stroke of the brush on your canvas. Because of the way canvas is, every painting on canvas, be it traditional or printed, comes with a textured look and feel. Since canvases usually have a textured finish, their matte coating reflects very little light. That’s exactly why you can enjoy a glare-free look at the original canvas print.

2. Canvas prints can be increased in size

When comparing limitations with traditional prints, canvas prints are advantageous because they allow you to print large images on the canvas. Now if you think you can get the same image size using paper prints, you are mistaken. This is because paper prints do not allow you to develop art prints over a certain size. Paper prints require a resolution of at least 300 pixels per pinch. Anything less than that will make your print look pixelated. When it comes to canvas, you can relax about this issue because canvases absorb colors differently than paper. That’s exactly how you can print large pictures of the canvas without compromising on the quality. So if you want to hang a big print in your space, canvas it is!

3. Canvas prints are better for the decor

One of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of your home is by hanging canvas prints. This is because canvas prints go easy on your existing wall decor. And if you are planning to decorate your home using these prints, there are two ways to do this. You can either frame like how you would frame a regular photo, or you stretch your canvas on a wooden frame and then hang it. Stretching canvases within a wooden frame is a good option as these frames weigh less, are subtle, and are very easy to hang and clean. These frame-less prints can easily blend with any kind of decor. To give you both a home and prints with a unique visual appeal, get canvas prints today!

Any artwork looks more appealing on a canvas print than on a usual photo print. The benefits of getting canvas prints. So if you are inclined towards getting a canvas print, you are on the right track.

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