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3 jobs that make women feel empowered

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One of the discussions that society doesn't seem to get tired of is whether men and women are treated equally in terms of jobs and salary. For decades, people have talked this subject over and over, while numerous books, news articles and even scientific treaties were written on this particular topic. Until today, nobody found a definitive answer to this question: women still seem to consider themselves wronged or frustrated that men earn more on the same position, while men tend to get intimidated if they have a female boss. To be totally fair, we think that some jobs are perfectly tailored for men, while others are far more suitable for women.In this article, we thought to mention just three jobs which are either handmade for women or make them feel empowered. These are jobs that imply different types and degrees of responsibility and which require a totally different set of skills from the potential female employees. As you will see, the first one is a managing position, while the other two are jobs that only a woman would know how to do so well since they require certain qualities which men normally lack. Continue reading and, if you have something to add, feel free to comment below your opinion on this very sensitive, but actual topic.

1. CEO.

Regardless of the company they run, whether it's a big brand, a start-up or their own, women who are in the position of CEO (Chief Executive Officer) feel the same. They feel empowered, they feel strong, independent and in charge. As we mentioned previously, many men tend to feel intimidated by women in such a strong position, while women are usually more empathetic and might have a more humane approach on work. Moreover, knowing how hard it was for them to climb the ladder to the top, they will be more careful and attentive in their work than men.

2. Flight attendant.

Most flight attendants are still women and this has to do with looks, as well as other important qualities needed on board a plane, such as care and distributive attention. Actually, they can even be considered the pilots outside the cockpit, judging by their crucial importance in the air and not only. This is one of the reasons why women who take this job are no longer called "stewardesses", which would imply something just a bit more than a super model, but rather "flight attendants", which shows a certain degree of responsibility.


3. Model for a live cam studio.

Last but not least, being a model for a non-adult live cam studio can feel surprisingly empowering. In this role, basically you are not just an actress who has to undress herself, but a princess, a queen, a friend and a confidante. As a webcam model, you have to understand your members, talk to them, make them feel listened to and this will bring you a lot of benefits. Apart from the material ones, you will feel empowered by the fact that people listen to you, need you and come back to you whenever they want to talk to somebody.

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