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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

2016: I'm too young for this...

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Let the record show, I agreed to have babies not teenagers! How on earth am I old enough to have a high schooler?

Resolutions? Yep I have a ton now. Mostly, I want to learn how to change the screen grab of my Youtube video's so I don't look like this....

I would like to conclude that video with #ImTooPrettyForMath and #SuperMomProblems

Sidenote: My daughter just watched it and said, "Oh Mah Gawd you just said 'sexting' on the Today Show"...eye roll...stomp off in a huff. I'm totally nailing this parenting thing!

I digress, it's a fast paced world trying to keep up with teens. I need a cliff notes version of good vs. evil when it comes to apps and social media. I'm not asking anyone to do my parenting for me. I'm happy to check my kids phones and stalk them online, but when they want the new latest thing I feel like I have to alert the FBI and find out where the CEO went to college and if he has any priors.

It is a full time job to raise good humans. Help a Super Mom out in 2016!

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