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10 things having a teen is guaranteed to give you :)

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Having a teen has so far been the most exciting part of parenting that I have experienced. I hear moms fretting about sleepless nights and colic babies.I say “Wait for them to be teens you will look back and say, those were the good old days.”

I was fortunate to be a stay at home mom, so the baby days I should say were not so challenging as it would be for working moms. I know working mothers with infants share a whole different set of challenges.
Here’s what I’ve gained having teens, chime in if you agree
  • Unconditional love and A LOT OF PATIENCE
No matter what my teen does or says, it may make me experience anger and frustration like I did not know, but… with all that, you look at them and still see the baby that was. Having a baby gave you a bachelor’s degree in patience, Having a teen will guarantee a Masters.
  • Tolerance for mess
The only ways to teach your teen is to make them do stuff themselves without redoing it (I know you moms out there that remake the bed after he/she child has made their bed.). Like every mom that has a little bit of OCD(over compulsive disorder) I have gained an enormous ability to restrain myself and look past the mess that they consider tidy.
  • Sense of Humor
I don’t need to say anything on this topic.I don’t think you can survive a teen without having a sense of humor
  • Envy
Oh, the life our kids have and according to them, it will always “suck”. I can’t help but envy what they have the opportunity, technology, and just the life we give them.
  • Anxiety
If you have not already felt it, wait for it, it’s around the corner. Between the hormones, sex, driving, never ending hunger and sense of entitlement, Stress of their future they are clueless about, care a damn attitude and on and on and on.You’ve got to feel it.
  • Pride
As you watch them grow and change and evolve, through all the craziness of the teen years you can’t help but find a moment of pride.
  • Youth
With teens, you better keep up or be left out, and you need to be in the loop and thanks to this you get to be a teen again (kinda) just keeping up with their world
  • Some superhuman ability
Superhuman strength is different for everyone. You suddenly are an expert. My grocery skills (to cope with never-ending hunger) and my ability to relearn(so I could help and save on tutoring) just surprised me.
  • Freedom
For me this was huge.I had hardly left my kids with babysitters and never had family help, so to suddenly be able to leave them alone for a short period and have a life and not worry about their food and other things was really life changing.
  • Ambition
With the new found freedom, youth, sense of humor and tolerance and their contagious energy, I felt rejuvenated again. I believed I could do what I wanted, pursue that dream, try something new; nothing was impossible. I started to live life like…

Live life like everything is rigged in your favor ... Ariana Huffington


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