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Challenge: Ultimate Baby Registry

10 Practical Baby Items New Moms Need!

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I will never forget the excitement I felt the first time I walked into Buy Buy Baby to register. I will also never forget how quickly I became exhausted and overwhelmed by choices. So here is a short, practical list of important items you will actually use for baby's first year in no particular order!

- Infant Carrier, it really is nice when it connects into your stroller

- Stroller- if you get an Uppa Baby (love mine, still going strong after 9 years!) you can get an attachment for the infant carrier

- Car Seat- you actually should not need this until at least 18-24 months but when you do get that big, heavy honkin thing the Britax really is great

- Swing- this is a God send, get a quiet one, with music and adjustable ways it rocks- like side to side or front to back

- Portable cradle, co-sleeper or pack n play- basically you want some sort of smaller safe sleep devise for your bedroom in addition to the crib, which seems very big at first

- Bouncy seat- these are great for putting baby down when you need free hands, when you need to eat or when baby is just happy and is fine to be seated but not sleep

- High Chair- can't say enough about how important it is that you pick one that is easy to clean, adjustable and that seems comfortable for baby. Babies not only eat here but they play and even sometimes fall asleep in this chair!

- Stationary Walker- love these things! Baby will love playing in this when they can't quite walk yet but are becoming active. You may not use it all that long but for the months you do you will appreciate having it

- Sound machine- whether it's the sound of a humidifier, music, or white noise I think this was one of the keys to my babies being good sleepers

- Baby gates- that fit correctly, that are easy to use and that look okay in your home, from experience this can be trial and error so start early

The last thing I will say is that there are other important lists for things for you, clothes for your baby, nursing items and toys and books galore. I used those long exhaustive lists out of books and for the most part they were right on. Some things are personal preference (like wipe warmers!) so just enjoy this beginning of motherhood where you will forever be making choices and hoping they were the right ones. Congratulations!

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