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Challenge: Summer Fun

10 Must-Have Summer Pictures

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It's July! It's time to dust of your camera, and start capturing the memories of summer!

Below I have compiled a list of the 10 MUST-HAVE SUMMER PICTURES.

1. Don't be afraid to bring your camera to the pool! The pool is a popular spot, that most summer childhood memories are made.


2. Sunset at the beach. You can get creative with this as "golden hour". The hour before sunset and hour before sunrise is a great time to take pictures as the light is not bright, and hard. It's also a great time to get that "golden haze" and "silhouette" type images.


3. Milestones! Don't forget the new things that your children learn during the summer. My youngest son recently learned how to ride his friend's scooter while camping.


4. Catch your children in their element. This summer my boys are interested in dinosaurs. I wanted to remember the summer of 2017 as "The Dinosaur Summer".


5. Downtime. Some of my favorite images of my boys are when they are relaxing, or sleeping. Get creative and think outside the box! My oldest child loves flashlights and hates the dark! I wanted to remember this time in his life, I want to remember him asking every night for a flashlight, and I want to remember going into his room and turning off the flashlight.


6. Pets. Make sure you grab pictures of your children with their pets!


7. Don't be afraid to let your kids get dirty! My boys have so much fun getting messy!


8. Park! My children have so much fun at the park! I have to drag them away kicking and screaming; hot and sweaty, that's truly their happy place.


9. Capture their imagination. My oldest son wants to be a firefighter and runs through our house screaming FIRE!! I want to make sure when I look back on the summer of 2017 I hear that his voice screaming "FIRE" in my head.


10. Summertime treats. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a tasty treat and grab some awesome pictures of your children.


I hope this list has encouraged you to dust your camera off this summer and start capturing your children's memories as they happen.

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