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Challenge: NICU Parenting

10 days

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My first ten days as a parent were not at all what I expected. I had eaten right, gotten rest, followed all of the mommy blogs and parenting magazines. But none of the planning or rule following could prevent what happened: preeclampsia. I went in for a routine check up on a Wednesday and was told I would not be leaving the hospital until I had the baby. Friday I was induced and was very lucky to be able to have my baby boy naturally (with an epidural). My plan of using the jetted tub and a doula went by the wayside. I completely agree with the term “grieving your pregnancy” because it was not at all how I pictured my birth to go. I lost the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy. The night my son was born, we felt so lucky. He was very healthy even for being 4 pounds 9 ounces. They asked to take him to the nursery to watch him and we allowed. The next morning we woke up to them telling us he was in the NICU and could not regulate his temperature or blood sugar. I was still in the intensive care unit and was limited. Being rolled into the NICU for the first time was the saddest and scariest feeling I’ve ever had. I had to be taken out immediately. From that point on I put blinders on; I couldn’t see the one pound babies or I would lose it. We were extremely grateful and lucky to have a 4 pound baby. He made huge progress everyday. We were extremely hands on and spent 12 hours a Day by his side. His feeding tube being removed—huge victory! Being able to finally put clothes on him—huge victory! We felt great that he seemed to be in the ‘low priority’ section of the NICU. After 10 days we were able to bring him home. Much sooner than most families. The NICU experience was actually a good one for us. We learned how to take care of an infant directly from the nurses. We learned how lucky we were and how precious life is. We learned we cannot plan everything and have to roll with the punches. We learned to look for the good in any experience and truly treasure all of the moments of parenthood. We learned to be a team. I am truly grateful for the amazing nurses and hospital staff! Our son is now almost 2, super ornery and healthy as a horse!

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