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Mexican Pot (or Sheppards) Pie

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This twist on the traditional pot pie or Sheppard's pie so known and loved as a staple of comfort foods everywhere spins into a new creation with Mexican flare!

Mexican Pot (or Sheppards) Pie

  • Servings: 1 Cup
  • Yield: 4-6
  • Prep Time: 15 min
  • Cooking Time: 45 min


  • 1lb Ground Beef (or turkey)
  • ½ Medium Chopped Yellow Onion
  • ½ Chopped Green Pepper
  • 1 Small Chopped Tomato
  • 1 Can of Pinto Beans
  • 1 Can of Tomato Paste
  • 1 Tbs. Taco Seasoning
  • 1 Recipie (or box mix) for Cornbread
  • ½ Can Corn
  • ½ Cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • Sour Cream (Garnish)
  • Fresh Cilantro (Garnish)
  • Avocado (Garnish)


  1. Spray casserole dish with cooking spray and set aside.
  2. Brown meat in pan on stove (med.-high), drain.
  3. Add next six ingredients and sautee for 5-10 mintues.
  4. Remove from pan and spread in bottom of prepared caserole dish.
  5. Prepare cornbread mixture, add in corn, cheese, and stir to combine.
  6. Spread evenly over top of meat mixture.
  7. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes, or until toothpick inserted intot he center of the cornbread comes out clean.
  8. Garnish with sour cream, cilantro, avocado, and serve immediately.

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What I love about this dish is that it's quick, easy, and a crowd pleaser with traditional Mexican flavors in a warm and comforting casserole. Wow your family on a weeknight with this simple and hearty meal. By using what you have on hand (which is how I created this dish in the first place) you can either amp it up or bring down the level of flavors according to your own taste preferences and what you have available. Another great secret about this dish is that it's loaded with veggies...but it doesn't "feel" like it, which makes it easy to slip past picky eaters!

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