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Beef Stroganoff

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This simple recipe made with McCormick Beef Stroganoff Sauce Mix is perfect. Especially, on busy nights when you need to get dinner on the table fast. Who can resist the decadent nutty flavor.

Beef à la Stroganov

  • Servings: 1 cup
  • Yield: Serves 4 - 6
  • Prep Time: 15 min
  • Cooking Time: 15 min


  • 4 T. olive oil
  • 3 T. real butter
  • 1 large white onion small diced, even
  • 8 oz. package baby bella mushrooms, uniform slices
  • 16 oz. tenderloin
  • 2 packages of McCormick beef stroganoff sauce mix. No substitutions
  • 2 C. fresh water
  • 2 C. whole sour cream
  • Sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste
  • Extra wide homestyle noodles. No substitutions


  1. Blend 2 C. fresh water with 2 packages of stroganoff sauce mix and set aside.
  2. In separate pan prepare boiling water and have ready to cook noodles while finished stroganoff is simmering.
  3. Preheat cast-iron pan on med. high for 15 minutes.
  4. Put olive oil in pan and heat for 1 minutes.
  5. Put butter in pan and blend with oil continuous stir.
  6. Put diced onion in hot pan and caramelize until golden.
  7. Add sliced mushrooms, continue to caramelize. About 10-15 minutes. Continue to stir to prevent burn.
  8. Push onions and mushroom aside and add beef into searing hot pan.
  9. Sear to medium rare with dark brown crust.
  10. You want a quick caramelized sear, while maintaining tenderness. Remove, let sit 5 minutes. Then, slice "against" the grain. Return to pan.
  11. Add sauce mix and water into pan and stir. Use a folding method to stir. This will maintain the integrity of the vegetables.
  12. Add sour cream and stir using folding method.
  13. Scrape solids from sides and bottom of pan to release flavor bits. This is key!
  14. Simmer until ready to eat, but not too long or sauce will reduce.
  15. Serve with delicious homestyle noodles.

Recipe Tags

1. Feel free to use a little more oil and butter if needed

2. This dish is so simple. Use caution so veggies do not burn, this will ruin dish.

3. The key is caramelization. Caramelization: is the browning of sugar, a process used extensively in cooking for the resulting nutty flavor and brown color. As the process occurs, volatile chemicals are released, producing the characteristic caramel flavor.

4. Plate the noodles and then pour sauce over. If sauce and noodle are blended together, too much of the sauce will be absorbed. This will ruin your deliciousness.

5. Most important to temper meat, vegetables and sour cream at least ½ hour before cooking and caramelizing.

“Tempering” the meat allows it to cook more evenly, so the inside can actually cook as the outside works up a beautiful caramelization. If you try to cook the meat and mushrooms when they are cold, this dish will not taste yummy.

6. When it comes to cooking pasta, rinsing is one of the great debates. When serving pasta hot, with sauce, it should never be rinsed — just drained. The starchy film is crucial in helping the sauce cling to the pasta. So, you want to serve this sauce over hot, just drained noodles. If you allow Homestyle to sit you will have a yummy, but sticky clump.

7. Feel free to use more mushrooms. I can never get enough mushrooms and actually add lots more but I had to add an appropriate amount for the recipe. I don’t want you to add so many that it absorbs all your sauce. I am a bit of a throw the ingredients in and then figure out how much I used. It’s that creative side to me that takes over. Like a mad scientist in the kitchen.

8. This is the one time you want to use the best cut of tender meat. This dish screams for ‘tender’ lovin’ care.

9. Salt and Pepper as desired. Salt & Pepper adds so much flavor. I probably use too much salt when I cook, I’m a bad salt influence.

10. Pat room temperature steak dry with paper towels before cooking. Rub salt and pepper into steak. Then, put in hot pan.




With, Love, Mama G.

Toodle... Oo

P.S. No one will judge you if you drink the sauce. It is that good!

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