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Rachel Farnsworth, The Stay At Home Chef

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My name is Rachel and I'm a food blogger, YouTuber, and cookbook author. My mission is to share restaurant quality recipes you can easily make at home. I'm all about getting people back into the kitchen.


I started cooking at age 11 when I put a half cup of baking soda into a batch of cookies instead of a half teaspoon. Because...what's the worst that could happen, right? The cookies were a spectacular fail and it got me interested in cooking. I've taken courses on cooking every chance I've gotten in life. It has amassed to several years of culinary education. Thanks to the wonderful internet world I've been able to pursue my dream of cooking, all while staying at home.

I have created over 100 cooking videos to share my cooking knowledge with others. I've also appeared on local TV and many live cooking demos and classes.

I'm also disabled. You'd never know just by looking at me. I suffer from a rare autoimmune disease. After experiencing congestive heart failure, liver failure, and kidney failure while I was pregnant with my second child, my life was spared when my doctors finally figured out I had Addison's Disease. John F. Kennedy had it too, so that pretty much makes me cool. The disease ravaged my body and left me disabled. I even have a handicap placard and sometimes use a walker to get around. Instead of wallowing in pity I've chosen to defy my condition and find ways to revel in life despite my disability. Despite my best efforts, it still plays a major role in my every day life. (you can read the long story here).



Vote for me! I'd love the opportunity to share my love of food and cooking on The Today Show.

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